DUFF: Down Under Fan Fund.
A fund which helps send a North American fan to attend either the Australian Worldcon or National Convention and, in alternate years, helps send a fan from Australia/New Zealand to attend a Worldcon or NASFIC in North America. Founded on the model of TAFF, the first winner was Lesleigh Luttrell in 1972. Two or more fans run against each other in any given DUFF race; fans pay a voting fee to cast ballots, and donated items are auctioned to offset the costs. After attending the convention, the winners become administrators of DUFF for the next two years (one electing a fan to come to their country, the next electing a fan to go across the Pacific and replace them as administrators on their return). The administrators are responsible for distributing and counting the ballots and act as liaison with conventions, either where items are auctioned or benefit DUFF or where the winners of a given race are to attend. Costs for this lengthy travel being what they are, in many cases DUFF has only been able to defray most but not all of the delegate's expenses. See TAFF. (D&LZS)

TAFF: Trans Atlantic Fan Fund.
In most alternating years -- excepting when funds are low and/or some other need to reschedule is perceived -- a European fan (usually but not always from the UK) is chosen to attend a convention in North America, usually the Worldcon (the NASFIC would be a possibility in years when the Worldcon was being held out of the country but not in Europe). When the Worldcon IS being held in Europe, in practice one of the races is usually slowed down or speeded up so that a North American fan will go to any European Worldcon, otherwise in those alternating years a NA fan is chosen to attend a European convention (usually the Eastercon in the UK). To run, two or more fans from one side of the Atlantic get two nominators from their side and three nominators from the other side of the Atlantic to be listed on the TAFF ballot. The ballots are distributed with fanzines or handed out at conventions and require a minimum donation to vote; some conventions also hold benefit auctions for the Fund. Winners usually attend the convention as a guest, spend some time before and after the con getting to know fans better in the host country. They are generally expected to write a trip report but it's not an iron clad requirement. The winners do spend the next two years acting as TAFF administrators, one for the next TAFF race for fans going to their country and one for the following race for fans going back the other way. (RB)

GUFF was dreamed up by Chris Priest in 1977 to complete the triangle of fan funds and bring a first Down Under fan to Britain for the 1979 Worldcon. (DUFF makes the exchange between Australia/New Zealand and North America, while TAFF does the deed between NA and Europe [although generally the UK]). Without the tiresome business of actually having a free trip anywhere, Dave Langford (UK) and Leigh Edmonds (in Australia) were the first administrators. John Foyster was the first winner, and it seemed rather a nice idea to continue. The name DUFF being already taken, Chris imagined GUFF as standing for the Get Up-and-over Fan Fund, which didnít sound so brilliant when time came to do a southward trip, but as Don Marquis (who never stood for the fund either) so aptly put it, you canít have everything. [This description provided by Dave Langford with the admonition that I should mark it *Copyright (c) Astral Leauge 1979 - do not impinge copyright or the Leauge will take MEASURES.*) (RH)