DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund) Winners

Original list from AUSTRALIAN FAN FUNDS, Version 1.0, 23rd August 1995 by Marc Ortlieb and Irwin Hirsh; collated by Perry Middlemiss. Thanks to Irwin Hirsh for maintaining an Australian Fan Fund website, from which most of the updates to this list were taken. See Irwin's pages for an (incomplete) bibliography of DUFF ballots and administrator reports, in addition to the following list. Other information, often more up to date, is available on Dave Langford's DUFF pages.

Those who have administered the Fund while not winning it themselves include John Foyster & Fred Patten (1972), Shayne McCormack (1974), Marc Ortlieb (1984) and Phil Ware (1993/94).

 1972    Lesleigh Luttrell
         Attended: Syncon 2, Sydney, NatCon
         Trip report: "Lesleigh's Adventures Down Under"
         Other Contenders: [Robert & Juanita Coulson], Andy Porter.

 1974    Leigh Edmonds
         Attended: Discon 2, Washington D.C., 1974 Worldcon
         Trip report: "Emu Tracks Over America"
         Other Contenders: [John Bangsund], Susan Clarke, Paul J. Stevens.

 1975    Rusty Hevelin
         Attended: Aussiecon, Melbourne, 1975 Worldcon
         Slide trip report shown over the U.S.
         Other Contenders: John D. Berry, jan howard finder.

 1976    Christine McGowan
         Attended: MidAmericon, Kansas City, 1976 Worldcon
         Trip Report: "The Flight of the Kangaroo" (1986)
         Other Contenders: Paul Stevens, John Alderson, Shayne McCormack.

 1977    Bill Rotsler
         Attended: A-Con 7, Adelaide, NatCon
         No trip report, but numerous badges for sale.
         Other Contenders: Fred Haskell, Bob Vardeman.

 1978    Paul Stevens
         Attended: Iguanacon II, Phoenix, 1978 Worldcon
         Other Contenders: Keith Taylor, Shayne McCormack.

 1979    Ken Fletcher & Linda Lounsbury
         Attended: Syncon '79, Sydney, NatCon
         Other Contenders: Mike Glyer, Cy Chauvin.

 1980    Keith Curtis
         Attended: Noreascon II, Boston, 1980 Worldcon
         Trip Report chapter: in FNAC 1, June 1994, edited by John Foyster
         Other Contenders:  Bob Ogden, Jack Herman.

 1981    Joyce Scrivner
         Attended: Advention '81, Adelaide, NatCon
         Trip report chapters:
            (a) Quinapolis 6, Dec 82 edited by M.K. Digre
            (b) Holier Than Thou 21, Winter 85 edited by Marty & Robbie Cantor
         Other Contender:  Jon Singer.

 1982    Peter Toluzzi
         Attended: Chicon IV, Chicago 1982, Worldcon
         Slide Report presented in assorted places
         Other Contenders: Derrick Ashby, Damian Brennan, Daryl Mannell.

 1983    Jerry Kaufman
         Attended: Syncon '83, Sydney, NatCon
         Trip report: "Kaufman Coast to Coast"
         Other Contenders: jan howard finder, Alexis Gilliland, Charlotte Proctor.

 1984    Jack Herman
         Attended: L.A. Con II, Los Angeles, 1984 Worldcon
         Trip report: "Wahful Tracks Over America"
         Other Contenders: John Packer.

 1985    Marty & Robbie Cantor
         Attended: Aussiecon Two, Melbourne, 1985 Worldcon
         Trip report: "Duffbury Tales/Tales of Duffbury"
         Other Contenders: Joni Stopa, Mike Glicksohn, rich brown.

 1986    Nick Stathopoulos, Lewis Morley, Marilyn Pride
         Attended: Confederation, Atlanta, 1986 Worldcon
         Slide trip report shown in Australia
         Other Contenders:  Sally Beasley, Terry Frost, Mark Loney &
                            Michelle Muijsert.

 1987    Lucy Huntzinger
         Attended: CapCon, Canberra, 1987 Australian NatCon
         A trip report summary was published on Lucy's Aries Moon web-diary.
         Other Contenders: Tom Whitmore, Laurraine Tutihasi, Kathy Sanders.

 1988    Terry Dowling
         Attended: NolaCon 2, New Orleans, 1988 Worldcon
         Trip report: "Prints from a Far Land"
                      (with colour photographs, no less)
         Other Contenders: Cathy Kerrigan, The Rogers St Door
                           (Write in campaign).

 1989    John D Berry
         Attended: Swancon 14, Perth, NatCon
         Other Contenders: Taral Wayne, Greg Ketter.

 1990    Greg Turkich
         Attended: Condiego, 1990 U.S. NasFic
         Other Contender: Roger Weddall.

 1991    Art Widner
         Attended: Suncon, Brisbane, NatCon
         Other Contender: Janice Murray.

 1992    Roger Weddall
         Attended: Magicon, Florida, 1992 Worldcon
         Two posthumous collections released: "Lhyfe Thyme" and half of an
         issue of "Anvil".
         Other Contender: Greg Hills.

 1993    Dick & Leah (Zeldes) Smith
         Attended: Swancon 18, Perth, NatCon
         Other Contenders: Richard Brandt, Charlotte Proctor.

 1994    Alan Stewart
         Attended: Conadian, Winipeg Canada, 1994 Worldcon
         Other Contenders: Ron Clarke, Donna Heenan, Lucy Sussex &
                           Julian Warner.

 1995    Pat & Roger Sims
         Attended: Thylacon, Hobart, NatCon
         Other Contenders: Nancy Tucker, Lucy Schmeidler.

 1996	 Winner: Perry Middlemiss
	 Attended: LACon 3, Los Angeles, Worldcon
	 A trip summary was published in February 1997
	 Other Contenders: Stephen Dedman, Danny Heap

 1997	 Winner: Janice Murray
	 Attended: Basicon 2, Melbourne, Aussie Natcon
	 Other Contenders: Andy Hooper, Joel Zakem

 1998	 Winner: Terry Frost
	 Attended: Bucconeer, Baltimore, Worldcon
	 Other Contender: Susan Clarke

 1999	 Winner: Janice Gelb
	 Attended: Aussiecon Three, Melbourne, Worldcon
	 Trip report: Janice's Adventures in Down-Underland (2000);
           photos from Janice's trip can be viewed here
	Other Contenders: Lise Eisenberg, Andy Hooper

 2000	 Winner: Cathy Cupitt
	 Attended: Chicon 2000, Chicago, Worldcon
	 Trip Report chapter:
	 (a) DUFF 2001: The Result!, January 2001, edited by Janice Gelb
	 Other Contender: Susan Batho

 2001	 Winner: Naomi Fisher & Patrick Molloy
	 Attended: Swancon 2001: Masquarade, Perth, Aussie Natcon
	 Other Contender: Steven Silver

 2002	 Winner: Julian Warner
	 Attended: ConJose, San Jose, Worldcon
	 Other Contender: David Cake & Sarah (Locksley) Xu

 2003	 Winner: Guy & Rosy Lillian
	 Attended: Swancon 2003, Perth, Aussie Natcon
	 Trip report: Antipodal Route (2006)
	 The following trip report chapters can be read on-line:
	 (a) Challenger 18, Spring/Summer 2003, edited by Guy Lillian III
	 (b) Challenger 19, Autumn/Winter 2003-2004, edited by Guy Lillian III
	 (c) Challenger 21, Winter 2004-2005, edited by Guy Lillian III
	 (d) Challenger 22, Summer 2005, edited by Guy Lillian III
	 (e) Challenger 22, Summer 2005, edited by Guy Lillian III
	 A trip summary was published in the editorial of Challenger 18
	 Other Contender: Mike & Linda McInerney

 2004	 Winner: Norman Cates
	 Attended: Noreascon, Boston, Massachusetts, Worldcon
	 Other Contenders: Erika Maria Lacey, Danny Oz (nee Heap)

 2005	 Winner: Joe Siclari
	 Attended: Thylacon IV, Hobart, Australian NatCon
	 Other Contender: Chris Barkley

 2008    Winner: Steve and Sue Francis
         Attended: Swancon 2008, Perth, Australian NatCon
         Other Contender: Murray Moore

 2009    Winner: Emma Hawkes
         Attended: Anticipation, Montréal, Canada, Worldcon
         Other Contenders: Chris Nelson, David Cake & Grant Watson, Alison Barton

 2010    Winner: John Hertz
         Attended: Aussiecon 4, Melbourne, Australia, Worldcon
         Other Contenders: Jeffrey Boman, Terry Fong & Jannie Shea, Melanie Herz, and John Purcell

 2011    Winner: David Cake
         Attended:  Renovation, Reno, Nevada, Worldcon

 2012    Winner:  Hold Over Funds
         Contenders:  Juanita Coulson, Murray Moore

 2013    Winner: Bill Wright
         Attended:  LoneStarCon 3, San Antonio, Texas, Worldcon

 2014:   Winner: Juanita Coulson
         Attended:  Continuum X in Melboune
         Other Contender:  Aurora Celeste

 2015:   Race suspended until 2016.

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