RICHARD SMALL/  Add to your South of the Noon the following:                           
                 ANZAPA (Australian and New Zealand Amateur Press Association) is       
 bi-monthly, deadlines in August, October, December, February, April, June.  Currently
 there are about 18 members but the limit is 25.  Minac is 6 pages every six months.
 Dues of A$3.00 are payable every August 1st and pro rata if you join at any time       
 after that up until the following August when you too have to pay the full amount.     
 Official Bloody Editor {OBE) is John Foyster, 6 Cloves Street, South Yarra,            
 Victoria 3141, AUSTRALIA.                                                              
                          I see that I should have looked at your additions before I
 did the above, but jet lag seems to be doing something to my powers of concentration
 just now.  However your ANZAPA information was a long way out so you can make use of
 what I've written.  Gary Mason hasn't been OBE for atleast three years.  APA-NOVA      
 died when the Nova Mob went into recess because of lack of interest.  For a while it
 looked as if something might grow out of the weekly meetings Melbourne fandom holds
 at Degraves Tavern but nothing came of it.                                             
 JOHN HERTZ/  Have you ever used non decimal currency?  I just kinda remember Pounds,
              Shillings and Pence -- there was the man from the travel agency here a     
 while ago {he had my tickets and I had the money he wanted but no way of getting the
 money to him so he came and collected it) and in change he gave me something which
 he referredto as a penny.  Apart from not having heard the word used for the last     
 eight years it sounded incongruous because pennies are big brass objects about an      
 inch in diameter, or they were the last time I saw one.  Anyhow, ignoring the          
 divergence, this is supposed to be a one word answer to your wondering if non decimal
 money systems should use the money symbol as a separator.  No.                         
 Off hand I can't: see anything much more in there (you know what I mean by "there") to
 comment on, not without straining the thought systems at the moment.  Anyhow this is
 my long locked forward to holiday and while thinking might be a good idea from time
 to time, just to keep the systems in operation, it might be nice not to bother with
 them for a little while.                                                               
                         Batter still it might be even nicer to get the grey boxes      
 that Tom has out sorted out for a bit of a play with.  One can  type masters  any day.
 When one arrival aboard an Air New Zealand DC 10 one is told all sorts of things by
 the cabin staff.  One of these things is that it is strictly forbidden to smoke in     
 the toilets.  When one gets to them one finds similar inscriptions put all over the
 place so that only a person who is blind and deaf would not know that they             
 couldn't smoke.  Toilets on aeroplanes are masterpieces of design, they fit so much
 into such a small space.  Some wall cupboards are larger.  Anyhow...  When one is      
 seated one notices that right there in the middle of all the various holes and         
 dispensers is a little hole marked "ash tray".                                         
 Tom  Digby  owning this  typer must  have some  effect on  the person  who is  using it,
 probably something he puts on the keys which is  absorbed through  the skin  and effects
 certain of the nervous system's functions.                                             
                                            The latest idea is about the compatability
 of Australian and American objects.  One can buy adaptors which change Australian      
 240 volts down to the US 110 or, I assume, the other way about.  One has to call in
 at the bank to get currency changed and so on and so on.  Let me assure you that the
 list is virtually, but not quite, endless.  So when one is considering changing this
 and getting an adaptor for that the question invariably arises, is an adaptor          
 neccassary for the sexual encounter of two conserving adults of these two different
 countries.  As of yet I don't know and it seems likely that I never will, but when     
 we went out to eat last night we arrived at the restaurant and as we walked in Tom     
 wondered if our. proteins vere compatible.  Since they probably aren't some sort of
 bio-chemical adaptor might be necessary  for the successful mating of a Male         
 Australian and a Female American, at the other way around if you prefer.               
                                                                          Since we've
 discovered that it seems to be one of the natural laws of the universe that most       
 switches, to be turned on, must be moved towards the North Star it seems highly        
 possible that all sorts of bio-chemical functions are controlled by forces eminating