My first impression of the subways of New York was that they are a public entertainm-
ent, later associations with that particular public transport system led to a change
of mind. Barry Smotroff lives out in Queens and the Proxima Puddle was in the
village so getting from one to the other took a good hour on the subway, it might
have been less but with nothing better to do but look at the lights flashing by and
the rails in the tunnel ahead (if we were in the front carriage) it seemed like a lot
longer. Everything that people have said about the subways is true but what most
impressed me were the Subway Police which get on for a ride at the occasional station,
they look like one man armies.
                         We'd decided that it was the day to see some of New
York and Barry was only too willing to be our guide. A train ride brought us to the
14th Street station and from there it seemed a short walk to the Proxims Puddle where
Susan Wood was waiting to join us. Getting to see New York ia an event in itself but
getting to do it with a Hugo winner is even something more so were looking forward
to the event.
           Susan wanted to visit a record shop or two before we got under way. I
was only too willing to go along with the idea since we'd been in America for a couple
of weeks and hardly been inside a shop to spend money on all those incredibly cheap
things that are supposed to be available in America. Barry led the way and very soon
we were lost, Valma and I that is and even Susan confessed that she wasn't really sure
where we were. After a few streets of apartment buildings we seemed to get into more
commercial type areas and almost by magic we suddenly seemed to be in a street
which was nothing but shops. Barry led us along past the shops for a bit and then
led us into a record shop and let us loose. I had never seen anything like it before.
rows and rows of boxes full
to overflowing with
records. The prices were
even more amazing. Susan
disappeared off into the
section of music she's
interested in and I lost
myself in mine. Occasiona-
lly I'd look across and
see her peeking out another
record and I suppose that
if she looked over in my
direction she would have
seen the same thing. Both
Valma and I were going
through boxes of records
pulling out and inspecting
the occasional one. My
interest is contemporary
classical music and there
was more of it on record
in that shop than I'd seen
in all the shops of
Melbourne so we had to be
selective. You wouldn't
have thought it though if
you'd seen us in action.
I'd pull out the occasional
one and keep it, Valma would
would pull out the
occasional one and I'd nod
approval and we'd keep it.