Minneapolis was the centre of our trip, not only in the physical sense
but in the sense that it was the place we were looking forward to the
most. For the previous year and a half I'd been contributing to
MINNEAPA and there is no way of getting to know a bunch of fans better
than by contributing to a fortnightly apa.
                                          Fred Haskell provided the roof
over our heads
during our visit,
an excellent 
person to stay
with because
people kept
dropping in all
the time and we
never knew what
excitement the
next hour might
bring. We were
also within easy
walking distance
of good old
downtown Minn-
eapolis which
made matters a
lot easier when
the feeling for
a good feed came
to us and/or the
desire to spend
some more Money.
Ken Fletcher
lived right next
door and Don Blyly
lived in the same
building. Ken,
apart from being
a famous fan art-
ist is a fine
fellow and remin-
ded us both of a
big walking,
talking Koala
bear. Valma
wanted to feed
him on gum tree
leaves but we
didn't have any
which was just as
well for poor Ken 
who would not
have liked them
very much.