hills behind Berkeley where we were afforded some spectacular views looking back over 
the land and out over the bay once again.  We stopped a couple of times at various
spots and got out for a batter view, from different angles but always with the same
breathtaking quality.  The second time I 'turned to walk back to the car and noticed        
faz the first time the numberplate.  I remember Robin Johnson saying that in America        
it is possible to have a numberplate with almost anything on it and that Forry    
Ackerman has the number SCI-FI.  I had not quite believed it but there on the front        
of the Browns car was the plate reading LOCUS.  The opportunity was, too much to pass       
up so I captured it with the camera.      
                                 We drove a little way further and then suddenly      
we were at the Brown residence.  From the road it looks like a low single story   
house but as 'we walked down   along a board path to the front door I realised that       
the road level is only the first level, the hill drops away steeply and there are 
another couple of levels below the first.  By Australian standards the price of the         
plane might have been modest but an Australian who could have afforded a house like it      
would have considered himself quite rich.  We were introduced to their cat, called
"cat" and shown around the house, we were impressed and it was easy to understand why       
Charlie & Der a liked showing it off.  The back yard was magnificent but not, I suppose,
very useful for growing things in.  The land Juan dropped away very steeply and the         
tall pine trees down at the.bottom of the 'valley were well below the verandahs of
the house.  
       The verandahs were also balconies, obviously, and we settled ourselves down       
on one of them (there are two, one on top of the. other) and talked for a while.  
Charlie decided to see if there were any other people around we might see hut     
unfortunately they were all tied up, though I did chat to Grant Canfield for a few
    For dinner we decided to drive to Oakland for a chinese meal at a restaurant         
Charlie & Dena liked.  The drive
down through the hills was very 
enjoyable in the dusk with the  
lights of the city just becoming 
visible.  I suppose I should    
mention that very early on that if        
we weren't actually in San     
Francisco but in Berkeley or Oakland      
we didn't still call it San     
Francisco.  Why this was so I'm not      
sure but when in Berkeley one does        
as the natives do.  So I suppose
I should say that the lights of the       
cities of Berkeley, Oakland and all       
the other cities but that seems to        
take up a lot of time so I hope the       
locals won't mind if I don't.   
restaurant didn't look to be much         
but the food was excellent, even
though the dumpling soup wasn't 
all that I would have liked,  Valma       
persisted in trying to get me to
eat prawns but, as always, I got out      
of it.  I had always been under the       
impression that chinese foods   
weren't spiced to make them hot in        
the same way that Indian meals are.       
I was wrong and I suppose this is         
partly due to the styles of cooking       
that I've been used to.  That meal       
was very well spiced and in     
particular the bean paste (or   
whatever) was very hot.