I became extremely ill on the trip back, and thought I had contracted pneumonia,
The hostess kept piling blankets on me and, fortunately, because of the direction in
which we were going, it seemed that we were flying into eternal night. I was not very
cognizant of what occurred on the plane going back, but it seemed to me that everythi.ng
was calm and quiet. Even Sam Moskowitz could not be heard.

     We landed in NYC, I took the first plane out for Charlotte, N. C. (where I had
left my family), my wife met me at the airport, took one look at me, and we headed for
the hospital, where I spent the next ten days. It seems that I had caught that dirty
old Leeds Asiatic Flu bug and this, combined with flying, had resulted in an acute case
of sinusitis.

     One consolation to all of this was that I had plenty of time to think about the
wonderful previous three weeks and all of the fine friends I had made in London,
Liverpool and Leeds. And, I hope, through "A Fake Fan in London" I have been able to
share my cherished friendships and memories of English fandom with all of you.