Raising Funds to Bring Gary Farber to Novacon 26 in Birmingham,
England, in November, and maybe even keep him here for a while.

Sunday July 21, 1996
13 Lindfield Gardens, Hampstead, LONDON NW3

2pm till dusk
Nearest tubes: Finchley Road or Hampstead
Note: regardless of signs to the contrary, you *can* park in the
street for free on a Sunday without fear of molestation by the Stasi.

Many exciting games and activities! Woo!

Twinkie Tossing!
Astral Pole - Are You Double-Jointed?
Fling a Flan for Farber - Paste Pam for Phun and Profit!
Many exotic food products. Some from America!
Bake Stall!
Coconut Shy!
Grand Auction!
Bring and Buy Sale - Please donate some suitable old tat!
Live Electronic Link Up to Gary!
Fannish Punch & Judy!
Pin the Ptail on the Psheep!
Have your photo taken with Gary!
Relay Races With Fruit and Vegetables!
Bring a Condom for Gary - Prize for the Weirdest Condom!
...And Many More!!!!!!

All Welcome - Admission Free - Indoors if wet



Q. So who is Gary Farber, anyway?
A. He’s a US fan and denizen of the Usenet newsgroups
rec.arts.sf.fandom and alt.fandom.cons. He’s also done loads of
fanzines, been vice chair of a Worldcon and is a really cool bloke;
but he doesn’t have enough money to finance a trip over here.

Q. So, who’s behind Farber Day?
A. The entire "Bring Gary Farber to Novacon" campaign is being
orchestrated by Bridget Hardcastle, Alison Scott and Pam Wells.

Q. Why?
A. Because as well as all that other stuff, he’s also a terrific flirt.

Q. Isn’t this what TAFF’s supposed to be for?
A. Yes, but we don’t see a problem with a bit of free enterprise
fund raising as well. Besides, Gary lost a TAFF race before any of us were born.

Q. How do you plan to make money if admission to the fete is
A. Because we intend to charge you for everything else, of
course. Bring lots of spare change.

Q. How much money do you need?
A. Quite a lot - about 500UKP. Bring lots of large notes.

Q. What sort of games and quizzes will you have?
A. Well here’s one for starters, with a prize for the best entry:
entries to Alison at the July Tun or by post to her (net note; if
anybody really wants to enter, please e-mail for the address). 50p per
entry, enter as many times as you like. How many words can you make
from the letters of


Only words of four letters or more, no proper names, can only use each
letter once in any given word, all words must appear in Chambers,
judges decision is final, void where prohibited by law, do not take
glasses into the pool. (Net note 2: this was in 4 point type on the

In the event of a tie, complete the following sentence in twelve words
or less and make the judges laugh:

I want Gary to come to Novacon because____________________________

(net note 3: Best entry so far is from Tim Illingworth: "I want Gary
to come to Novacon because I'll be at Philcon.")


If you're thinking "Gee, I'd really like to go to Farber Day and help support this brilliant cause, but I can't; how can I send the girls some money?" the answer is that you write us a cheque and send it to us. There is a Special Procedure if you're American; if you send any dollar cheques can you make them payable to Roger Robinson (who has the good fortune to have a dollar bank account and will cash them for us in exchange for a pint or near equivalent.)

In the unlikely event that we raise more money than the minimum we need, the surplus will either be used to make Gary's trip more comfortable (eg less floors, hitchhiking, etc), or put towards some other fannish good cause (eg the Mexicon Hat).

Is this ok, Pam? Did we leave anything out?

Alison Scott alison@fuggles.demon.co.uk

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