Farber Fare
Tue, 6 Aug 1996
This is a blatant commercial post, and it would serve me right if Gary posted one of his "This is entirely inappropriate" followups.

Having said that, it *is* in a good cause. Maybe. Bringing Gary to Britain is a good cause, isn't it?
--Alison Scott

Following the great success of Farber Day, which raised loadsamoney to aid in our goal of bringing Gary over to Novacon, we still have some unique Farber Day Products available in strictly limited quantities!

4 limited edition postcards, with illustrations by D West and Dave Mooring, featuring fine fannish jokes, slander and innuendo. These are available for 50p each, or UKP1.50 for the set. For an even more exclusive option, buy one pre-addressed to Gary and send it to him! Still only 50p if you do the hard work, or for a pound, you can buy one, fill it in, give it back to us, and we’ll stamp it and send it to Gary ourselves.

Your chance to buy the special Farber Day currency, at the low, low exchange rate of 50p for one Farber dollar. Lovingly hand-crafted by Steve Davies’ laser printer; mutilating US currency in this way is a capital offence in the lower forty-eight. Spot the subtle changes from your common or garden greenback.

Not one, not two but twelve different fanzines were distributed at Farber Day! And now, you can collect all twelve! All different titles, so buying a complete set qualifies you to vote in the Novas even if you’ve never read a fanzine before in your life! The available fanzines feature fan writing by Gary himself, Pam Wells, and gratuitous editorial comment by Alison Scott, and the titles are:

.Gary Farber’s Cakewalk
Never Quite Arriving
Farber’s Transatlantic Tarts
Bitches Abroad
Balloons Over Brooklyn
Lan’s Blowtorch
Obsessions 5: Gary Farber
The Last Dangerous Farbers

50p each or a fiver for a complete set. Complete with grass stains, because these previously appeared in the Fanzine Jungle at the bottom of Bridget’s garden.

The Farber Day official newsletter, produced in appalling conditions in the garden with the Superfluous Technology and some very long wires. Copies can be yours for only 50p.

We’ll do all of these by post, provided that you send us an stamped, self addressed envelope (SAE) or near equivalent (a few international reply coupons should do) so that we can get the stuff back to you. Alternatively, if you live a long way away, or SAE’s are too much hassle, you might like to consider our Special Bonus Offer (special bonus because it’s even more expensive)

A complete set of all of the above, posted airmail to Anywhere In the World, for only UKP10 or $15. Cheques in pounds or dollars only, ta; pounds made payable to Pam Wells, dollars made payable to Roger Robinson.

All of the above are available from:

		Pam Wells,
		First Floor Flat,
		14 Prittlewell Square, Southend-on-Sea,
		Essex, SS1 1DW, United Kingdom

Pam will also do tombola tickets if you’re ordering other stuff as well.

Yes, Farber Day may have come and gone, but the Tombola lives on! If you send us UKP1 and an SAE, we’ll draw 3 tombola tickets for you. If any of them are winners (and there are loads of winners left!) we’ll send you the prize in the SAE, unless you win something huge, in which case we’ll get in touch and ask what you want us to do with it. And if you don’t win anything, we’ll still send you a Farber dollar (while stocks remain). Your chance to experience the true spirit of Farber Day without ever leaving the comfort of your armchair! For this once in a lifetime experience, you need only send your money to:

	Bridget Hardcastle,
	13 Lindfield Gardens,
	Hampstead, London NW3, United Kingdom

For a suitable extra payment, Bridget will go out into the garden to draw the tickets so that the proper summery feeling wafts over them. Void where wet.

-- Alison Scott   <alison@fuggles.demon.co.uk>
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