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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 14:53:20 +1200

Fresh from the Australian administrator, Donna Heenan, who did the final collation of the votes, here is the result of the 1996 FFANZ race.

Results of the FFANZ Vote

Here is the result of the 1996 FFANZ race. Evan McCarthy will be going to Perth to represent NZ Fandom as its new ambassador, winning outright with an overwhelming majority of 20 votes out of 23.

With many thanks to the folks below who voted or donated money Colin Watson, Lucy Schmeidler, Robin Johnson, James Allen, Marc Ortlieb, Cath Ortlieb, LynC, Richard Hryckiewicz, Steve Roylance, Alan Stewart, David L Russell, Donald Fransen, Ross Temple, Simon O'Rorke, Annette Bergner, Diana Lowe, Richard Carson, Tim Jones, Kay Gubbins, Jonathan Depree, Mark Manning, Martin den Dekker, Dan McCarthy, Miche Campbell, Anne R. Stewart, Frank Macskasy Jnr.

Evan will be attending the "Festival of the Imagination" (Swancon 21) at Perth at Easter 1996.

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