GUFF (Going Up-and-over/Under Fan Fund) Winners

The original of this page was from AUSTRALIAN FAN FUNDS Version 1.0, 23rd August 1995 by Marc Ortlieb and Irwin Hirsh, collated by Perry Middlemiss. It has been updated by Jean Weber and Eric Lindsay, most recently in February 2010. We have drawn heavily upon Irwin Hirsh's material at his Australian Fan Funds site and thank him profusely for maintaining such a good resource.

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Modelled on DUFF and TAFF. Motivated partly by Chris Priest's visit to Australia and by the British 1979 Worldcon. Originally intended as a one-off for Seacon, administered by Leigh Edmonds and Dave Langford.

For more information, see these pages:

Irwin Hirsh's Australian Fan Funds site
Irwin, the 1987 GUFF winner, has an extensive site on Australian fan funds in general, with links to most of the trip reports, plus fan fund trivia, at
Dave Langford's GUFF Winners & Publications page
Another good list of winners, voting details, and trip reports, often more up to date than this page:

Winners and contenders

1979    John Foyster
        Attended Seacon, Brighton U.K., 1979 Worldcon
	Trip report: Stranger in Stranger Lands (1996)
        Trip report chapters:
           (a) Chunder! v3 n10, Oct 79 edited by John Foyster
           (b) Chunder! v4 n5,  Dec 80 edited by John Foyster
           (c) Chunder! v5 n1,  Mar 81 edited by John Foyster
           (d) Sikander 12,     Apr 86 edited by Irwin Hirsh
           (e) ASFR (2S) 12,    Jan 88 edited by The SF Collective
           (f) Sikander 15,     Mar 89 edited by Irwin Hirsh
        Other Contenders: John Alderson, Eric Lindsay.

1981    Joseph Nicholas
        Attended Advention '81, Adelaide, NatCon
        Trip report chapter:
           in Ornithopter 10, Oct 82, edited by Leigh Edmonds
        Note: A trip summary was published in Ansible 19.
        Other Contender: Malcolm Edwards.

1984    Justin Ackroyd
        Attended British National Convention - Brighton
        Trip report chapters:
           (a) Rataplan 31, Aug 85 edited by Leigh Edmonds
           (b) Larrikin 3,  Aug 86 edited by Irwin Hirsh & Perry Middlemiss
        Other Contenders: Jean Weber, Roger Weddall, Shayne McCormack.

1985    Eve Harvey
        Attended Aussiecon Two, Melbourne, 1985 Worldcon
        Trip report: A Brighton Belle Meets Skippy, 1999.
        Other Contenders: John Jarrold.

1987    Irwin Hirsh
        Attended Conspiracy '87, Brighton U.K., 1987 Worldcon
        Trip report chapters:
           (a) Sikander 15, Mar 89, edited by Irwin Hirsh 
           (b) Empties 12, Nov 93, edited by Martin Tudor
           (c) Banana Wings 9, Mar 98, edited by Claire Brialey & Mark Plummer
	   (d) WeberWoman's Wrevenge 52, June 98, edited by Jean Weber
	   (e) Thyme 119, Jan 98, edited by Alan Stewart
	   (f) GUFFaw 3, Nov 99, edited by Paul Kincaid
	   (g) Attitude 9, Oct 96, edited by Michael Abbott, John Dallman & Pam Wells
	   (h) The Metaphysical Review 26/27, July 1998, edited by Bruce Gillespie
           (i) Larrikin 19, Dec 88, edited by Irwin Hirsh & Perry Middlemiss
	   (j) Larrikin 16, Jun 88, edited by Irwin Hirsh & Perry Middlemiss
	  A trip summary was published in GUFFawe 4, May 2000, edited by Paul Kincaid.
        Other Contenders: Valma Brown, Jean Weber.

1989    Roelof Goudriaan
        Attended Swancon 14, Perth, NatCon
        Other Contenders:  Linda Pickersgill.

1990    Roman Orszanski
        Attended Confiction, The Hague, The Netherlands, 1990 Worldcon
        Trip report chapters:
           (a) doxa!, 24 Aug 90 edited by Roman Orszanski
           (b) doxa!, 7 Nov 90 edited by Roman Orszanski
           (c) doxa!, 28 Mar 91 edited by Roman Orszanski
        Other Contenders: Larry Dunning, Mark Loney & Michelle Muijsert.

1992    Eva Hauser
        Attended Syncon '92, Sydney, NatCon
        Trip report:
           My Australian Diary, published in Paul Kincaid's GUFFaw 4
        Other Contenders: Bridget Wilkinson.

1995    Ian Gunn & Karen Pender-Gunn
        Attended Intersection, Glasgow Scotland, 1995 Worldcon
        Trip report:
           Oh, to be in England, In the Summertime, With my love (1999) 
        Other Contenders: LynC, Kim Huett.

1999    Paul Kincaid
        Attended Aussiecon Three, Melbourne, 1999 Worldcon 
        Other Contenders: Steve Davies, Julian Headlong. 
        Trip Report chapters:
	   (a) GUFFaw 3, Nov 99, edited by Paul Kincaid
	   (b) GUFFaw 4, May 00, edited by Paul Kincaid
	   (c) GUFFaw 6, Nov 01, edited by Paul Kincaid
	   (d) GUFFaw 7, Sep 03, edited by Paul Kincaid

2001    Eric Lindsay and Jean Weber 
        Attended Paragon, Hinckley, UK, 2001 British Eastercon
        Trip report:
           Jean & Eric 'Avalook at the UK (2002)
        Other Contenders: Damien Warman and Juliette Woods. 

2004    Pat McMurray
        Attended Continuum 2, Melbourne
        Other Contender: Doug Bell.
        Trip report: No trip report yet published. However Pat's LiveJournal 
        has entries written on and about his trip. Look for the entries dated 
        late May and early-mid June 2004. Pat's photos from the trip are here.

2005    Damien Warman and Juliette Woods
        Attended Interaction, Glasgow, 2005 Worldcon
        Damien and Juliette have posted some notes on a LiveJournal.
        Other Contenders: Sue Ann Barber, Alison Barton, David Cake.

2007    Ang Rosin
        Attended Convergence 2, Melbourne, Australian NatCon
        Other Contenders: Johan Anglemark, Steve Davies, Anna Davour.

2009    Sue Ann Barber and Trevor Clark
	Attended LX, the 60th British Eastercon, Bradford, April 2009
	Other Contenders: Norah Ding & her mother, Alisa Krasnostein.

2010    James Shields
	Attend Aussiecon 4, Worldcon, Melbourne, September 2010
	Other contender: Douglas Spencer.

2012	Winner: Kylie Ding
        Attended: Olympus, Eastercon
        Other Contender: Grant Watson.

2013	Winner: Mihaela-Marija Perkovic
        Attended: Conflux 9, Canberra, Aussie Natcon
        Other Contender: Julie McMurray

2014	Winner: Gillian Polack
        Attended: Loncon 3, London, Worldcon
        Other Contenders: Alison Barton, Samara Morgan, Shay Telfer

2015    Winner: Jukka Halme
        Will Attend:  Contact, Brisbane, Australian Natcon  

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