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  Back at the other group I settled to listen; and the more I did the more
I thought how nice James Blish was, and how knowledgeable. Later they asked
me "What's going on in the bedroom?" So I described the "scratching party".
"Yes" said Blish, with mock sadness, "this is always happening to me at
parties. I'm sitting discussing Joyce whilst there are women with bare feet
in the bedroom!" We all laughed and advised him to be off there quick, but
alas, his arrival broke the whole thing up. He came out laughing at this and
said it was time he went home. This was a little after 2am and with him went
the rest.
  Now we were down to those fans who were staying overnight - Peggy and Toni,
Bob Pavlat, Ron Ellik, and Dickini. Dick informed them all that they might
dispose of themselves as they wished - but the couch was mine! We each took
turns in tiptoeing through the nursery to the bathroom. Kenneth had slept
through all the party,(Dick had labeled the door -DANGER! KEEP OUT! WILD
BABY)! but when my turn came I found he was awake. Always when I found him
awake like this, he would favour me with a beaming smile. He never cried for
attention, and played happily with his toys. This sudden stream of people
through his nursery merely produced a happy gurgle from him; as if we were
doing it to please him. I whispered to him: "You are the best-natured baby
in the whole world!" At this he enthusiastically shook the bars of his cot
causing me to glance apprehensively towards Dickini; he had chosen the floor
beside the air conditioner to try and sleep. I beat a quick retreat.
  As I moved towards my couch it dawned upon me that something was happening
among the other four. Ron leaned forward and said, "Peggy and I are engaged"
Both Toni and Bob were surprised and delighted and everybody kissed everybody
else all round. From my couch I surveyed this happy family scene with pleas-
ure and wished them well. Then, with much muffled laughter they all tried to
find soft spots on the carpeted floor.
  For once I did not go straight to sleep, but lay end thought of the party
and hoped I had made a good impression. Lucky Willises..I suddenly thought,
they can discuss the day with each other. I remembered my own club back home
and wished I had one of them there to whom I could chatter. That might put
my chaotic impressions into some order. Round end round the fan faces I had
seen that night went in my mind, till I fell asleep.