TAFF Publications and Stuff

An earlier version of this list (approx. 1996) was compiled by Dave Langford with inputs from Jerry Kaufman, Bruce Pelz, Joyce Scrivner, Pam Wells, the "Timebinders" e-mail list in general, and several of the winners below. See the TAFF Winners & Publications list for vast amounts of other information.

Year   Europe -> North America     NA -> Europe

1952   Walt Willis
Technically pre-TAFF, but the start of it all....
Report: The Harp Stateside, 1957.

1954   Vince Clarke
Other candidates: Derek Pickles, Tony Thorne, James White.
Could not make the trip.

1955   Ken Bulmer
Other candidates: Eric Bentcliffe, Terry Jeeves, Stuart Mackenzie, Ted
Report: TAFF Tales (not collected as a single volume); published in Orion
21-27 ed. Ella Parker, 1959-1961.
Newsletter: TAFF Steam.
Note: coincidentally, Skel has been asking about doing a collected

1956                               Lee Hoffman
Other candidates: Forrest J. Ackerman, Gertrude Carr, Kent Corey, David
Kyle, Hal Shapiro, Lou Tabakow, Wally Weber.
Could not make the trip.

1957                               Bob Madle
Other candidates: Forrest J. Ackerman (withdrew soon after start of
voting), Dick Ellington, Richard Eney, Stuart Hoffman, Ed McNulty, Boyd
Raeburn, George Nims Raybin.
Report: A Fakefan In London, 1976.
Note: serialized in Lynn Hickman's JD and its successor JD-ARGASSY,
issues 27-54 (1958-60).

1958   Ron Bennett
Other candidates: John Berry, Dave Newman, Roberta Wild (withdrew during
Report: Colonial Excursion, 1961.
Newsletter: much coverage in RB's newszine Skyrack.

1959                               Don Ford
Other candidates: Terry Carr, Bjo Wells.
Report: TAFF Baedeker (2 parts), 1960 and 1961.
Newsletter: TAFF Report, 1957.
Note: Don Ford has since died.

1960   Eric Bentcliffe
Other candidates: Mal Ashworth, H.P.Sanderson.
Report: Epitaff, 1961.
Newsletter: TAFF Reporter.
Note: Eric Bentcliffe has since died.

1961                               Ron Ellik
Other candidate: Richard Eney.
Report: The Squirrel's Tale, 1969 -- subtitled "TAFF 1962": 1961 race for
 1962 trip.
Newsletter: TAFF Progress Report (1961; 1962; #3, 1962; #4; #5 1963).
Note: Ron Ellik finalized his TAFF report text in 1965 but died in 1968;
Bruce Pelz published the report.

1962   Ethel Lindsay
Other candidate: Eddie Jones.
Report: The Lindsay Report, 1963.  (reprinted 1992)
Newsletter: TAFF 1962, TAFF Progress Report: 1963.

1963                               Wally Weber
Other candidates: Marion Z. Bradley, Bruce E. Pelz.
Report: rumours that a portion appeared in an apa, possibly SAPS.
"Cry Abroad", a TAFF report synopsis, was published June 1964 in Cry of the Nameless 174.
Newsletter: TAFF Progress Report #6, with Ethel Lindsay, 1964; #7, 1965.

1964   Arthur Thomson (Atom)
Other candidate: Phil Rogers.
Report: Atom Abroad, 1965.
Newsletter: TAFF Progress Report #8, 1965
Note: Atom has since died.

1965                               Terry Carr
Other candidates: Bill Donaho, Jock Root.
Condensed report: "Beyond the Mnemonic Statute of Limitations", Raffles
8, 1984. ("It's the only TAFF report of my trip that I'm ever likely to
write.") Atom's sketches of the TC trip appeared in Trapdoor 15, 1995,
ed. Robert Lichtman.
Newsletter: TAFF Bericht, in Streiflichter ed. Thomas Schluck, 1966; TAFF
Progress Report #9; #10, with Thomas Schluck, 1968.
Note: Terry Carr died in 1987.

1966   Thomas Schluck
Other candidates: Eric Jones, Bo Stenfors, Peter Weston.
No report.
Newsletter: see above; TAFF Progress Report #1 (#11) with Steve Stiles,
1968; #12 ditto, 1969.

1968                               Steve Stiles
Other candidates: Ed Cox, Ted Johnstone.
Report: portions under overall title Harrison Country.
* Introduction and Chapter 1 in Quip 10 ed. Arnie Katz, 1968.
* "Chapter 18, Page 127", BSFAN 13, 1984.
* "Chapter 31, pg 147", BSFAN 15 ed. Elaine Stiles, 1986.
Newsletter: TAFF Progress Report #14, with Eddie Jones, 1970; TAFF Terror
Tales 1-3.
Note: "I've no clue what became of #13"--Bruce Pelz.

1969   Eddie Jones
Other candidate: Bob Shaw.
No report, according to fannish consensus.

1970                               Elliot Shorter
Other candidates: Bill Rotsler, Charlie Brown.
Report: portion(s).
* TAFF Jottings in Locus 60 (1970).
* segment read out in Live Spanish Inquisition ed. Jerry Kaufman and
Suzanne Tompkins, Balticon, 1976; in printed Spanish Inquisition 7/8,

1971   Mario Bosnyak
Other candidates: Per Insulander, Terry Jeeves, Peter Weston.
No report. Mysterious claim by MB that if he had published anything he'd
have had to tell the truth and thus cause offence.
Newsletter: TAFF 1972.

1973                               Len Moffatt
Other candidates: Howard DeVore, Franke & Anne Dietz.
Report: The Moffatt House Abroad, 1974.
Newsletter: TAFF News From The Moffatts, issued with Instant Message 129,
1973; TAFF News, 1976.

1974   Peter Weston
Other candidate: Peter Roberts.
Report: portions ("two chapters" according to one source) in fanzines?
* "Stranger in a Very Strange Land" -- SF Monthly (UK prozine), 1974.

1976                               Roy Tackett, Bill Bowers (tie)
Other candidates: none?
BB could not make the trip.
RT Report: Tackett's Travels in Taffland, Published 1985 in Sticky Quarters 13 ed Brian Earl Brown.

1977   Peter Roberts
Other candidates: Terry Jeeves, Peter Presford.
Report: portions with overall title New Routes In America.
* 1. "Getting There Is Half The Fun", Egg 11 ed. PR, 1978.
* 2. "Big City Hustle", Egg 11, 1978.
* 3. "Toasted in Virginia", Nabu 5 ed. Ian Maule, 1978.
* 4. "Capital Tour", Nabu 5, 1978.
* 5. "Freeways and Turnpikes", Mota 27 ed. Terry Hughes, 1979.
* 6. "A Way Down South", Mota 27, 1979.
* 7. "SunCon and the Sea Off Miami", Gritbin 2 ed. PR (FAPA), 1980 --
also reprinted in Epsilon 17 ed. Rob Hansen, 1984.
* 8. "Pirates, Parrots & Pizzas", Out of the Blue 3 ed. Harry Bell and
Kevin Williams, 1981.
* 9 & 10 written but unpublished (info from PR Himself).
Newsletter: TAFF Talk 1-4.

1979                               Terry Hughes
Other candidates: Fred Haskell, Suzanne Tompkins.
Report: Two-Fisted TAFF Tales (Chapter 1), Published 1985 in Sticky Quarters 13 ed Brian Earl Brown
Newsletter: TAFF News.

1980   Dave Langford
Other candidate: Jim Barker.
Report: The Transatlantic Hearing Aid, 1985.
Newsletter: TAFF Talk 5-11.

1981                               Stu Shiffman
Other candidate: Gary Farber.
Report: one chapter published.
* 1. "A Raffles Lad Abroad or The Road to Yorcon", Chapters 1 and 2. Published in Raffles 6 ed. SS and
Larry Carmody, 1982.
Newsletter: [yes, but I've lost my copies]

1982   Kevin Smith
Other candidate: Rog Peyton.
No report.
Newsletter: TAFF Talk 12-?14.

1983                               Avedon Carol
Other candidates: Grant Canfield, Larry Carmody, Taral Wayne.
Report: fragments only.
* (untitled fragment), Ansible 33 ed. DL, 1983.
* "The Present State of Affairs", Blatant 13 ed. AC, 1985.
Newsletter: (part of) The Amnesia Report, 1984.
Note: AC drafted two chapters on disk, was too depressed to publish them
in the wake of the 1984 TAFF wars, and may now have lost the files....

1984   Rob Hansen
Other candidate: D.West.
Report: On The TAFF Trail, 1994.
Newsletter: TAFF-Eta.

1985                               Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Other candidates: Rich Coad, Martha Beck (MB not on ballot but subject of
significant write-in campaign).
Report: portions published.
* "Work in Progress", Flash Point 8 ed PNH, 1986.
* "Aspects and Inclinations", Hyphen 37 ed. Walt Willis, 1987 ("Pages
from the middle of a TAFF report in progress").
Newsletter: TAFFluvia 1-10.

1986   Greg Pickersgill
Other candidates: Judith Hanna, Simon Ounsley.
Report: it was Greg's avowed plan that others should write his report and
hence ...
* the very synoptic "Greg Pickersgill's TAFF Visit" by Patrick & Teresa
Nielsen Hayden, TAFFluvia 8, 1986.
* (untitled) by Linda Blanchard, Scattershot 3 ed. LB, 1986.
* "Taffman in Toronto" by Mike Glicksohn, The Caprician 4 ed. Lilian
Edwards and Christina Lake, 1989.
Newsletter: TAFF Vale 1-?.

1987                               Jeanne Gomoll
Other candidates: Bill Bowers, Brian Earl Brown, Mike Glicksohn, Robert
Report: portions with overall title Always Coming Home.
* Chapter 1, Whimsey 6, 1987.
* Chapter 2, Whimsey 7, 1992.
* "ReinCONation GoH Speech 1992", Idea 7 ed. Geri Sullivan, 1993.
Newsletter: TAFFiles 1-6; also "J.G.Taff Our Catalog", classy 38pp
fanzine sale list.

1988   Lilian Edwards & Christina Lake
CL report: four portions published.
* [Title not yet traced], Balloons Over Bristol ?2 ed CE, 1988.
* "Voodoo Jambalaya", The Caprician 4 ed. LE/CL, 1989.
* "In the beginning God said let there be flight", Two Times TAFF 4 ed
LE/CL, 1990.
* "Let's Go to San Francisco", Never Quite Arriving 3 ed. CL, 1995.
LE report: none. "Here I have to hang my head in shame and say I have
NEVER written any of my TAFF trip up -- I am thinking of doing a bit for
the special Intersection version of The Wrong Leggings [LE's fanzine]
Joint newsletter: Two Times TAFF 1-5.

1989                               Robert Lichtman
Other candidate: Luke McGuff.
Report: portions published.
* [Title not traced] in FAPA, 1989 or 1990.
* Summary -- "loose chronology and bare-bones reportage" -- privately
circulated, 1990.
* "Report in Progress"
* fragment in "Doorway", Trapdoor 9 ed. RL, 1990.
Newsletter: TAFF Door 1-5.

1991   Pam Wells
Other candidates: Abigail Frost, Bruno Ogorolec.
* Introductory: Depresion Tango, Published 1991 in Saliromania 6 ed Michael Ashley
Newsletter: TAFFervescent 1-8 (also letter to past administrators asking
advice on the proposed abolition of write-in votes; duly abolished).

1992                               Jeanne Bowman
Other candidate: Richard Brandt.
Report: condensed fragments, overall title The Almost Factual Fan.
* in Ansible 57.5 ed. DL, 1992.
* in Ansible 97.5, 1995.
Newsletter: Trans Atlantic Fan Fun[d].

1993   Abigail Frost
Other candidates: Michael Ashley, Tony Berry, Ashley Watkins.
Report: portions as, mostly, The Frost Report.
* In Progress (one-off fanzine while in USA) ed. AF, 1993.
* fragment, Ansible 74 ed. DL, 1993.
* fragment, Ansible 75, 1993.
* fragment, Ansible 97.5, 1995.
Newsletter: TAFF Talk (again); TAFFerendum.

1995                               Dan Steffan
Other candidates: Samanda b Jeudé, Joe Wesson.
Report: portions published
* Riding the TAFF Rails, APPARATCHIK 53, ed. Andy Hooper and Victor Gonzalez, 1996.
* You Can't Get There from Here, APPARATCHIK 54, 1996.
* Leave the Driving to Us APPARATCHIK 59, 1996.
* Go West, Young Fan, APPARATCHIK 62, 1996.
* Hotel Hansen (The Early Years), APPARATCHIK 66, 1996.
Newsletter: TAFFboy

1996   Martin Tudor
Other candidate: M.J. "Simo" Simpson.
Newsletter: TAFFlon Tudor

1998                              Ulrika O'Brien
Other candidates: Victor Gonzalez, Vicki Rosenzweig and Tom Sadler.
Report: In progress
Newsletter: Demi-TAFF Americain

1998   Maureen Kincaid Speller
Other candidates: Chris Bell and Bridget Hardcastle.
Report: Snufkin Goes West, 1998
Newsletter: Taffkin's Bum

1999                              Vijay Bowen
Other candidate: Sarah Prince.
Report: None known.

2000   Sue Mason
Other candidates: Tommy Ferguson and Tobes Valois.
Report: None known.

2001                              Victor Gonzalez
Other candidate: Tom Springer.
Report: None known.

2002   Tobes Valois
Other candidate: Chris O'Shea.
Report: Very rudimentary items are in Tobes' Diary.
Newsletter: TAFF News Service

2003                              Randy Byers
Other candidates: Colin Hinz, Mike Lowrey and Curt Phillips.
Report: The King of TAFFland's Bent Sprog. Portions published:
* Blame TAFF
* Chapter 1: Why I Ran For TAFF, published January 2003 in Chunga 3, ed. Andy Hooper, Randy Byers and carl juarez.
* "Appendix X: The Shadow TAFF Report", Chunga 5, August 2003
* "Appendix Zed: Detailed Itinerary of a TAFF Trip (Part 1)", Chunga 6, December 2003
* "Appendix Zed: Detailed Itinerary of a TAFF Trip (Part 2): Against the Sneers of Nothingness", Chunga 8, September 2004
Newsletter: The Weekly TAFF News

2004   James Bacon
Other candidate: Anders Holmström.
Report: WorldConNomicon (40pp A4, small print with many photographs), "prototype" available at Corflu in February 2005 and finished version launched at Eastercon 2005.
* #1: "Peer Groping on the Campaign Trail", Chunga 8 ed. Randy Byers, Andy Hooper and carl juarez, September 2004 (Chunga PDF)
* #2: "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", Tommyworld 77 ed. Tommy Ferguson, 10 October 2004
* #3: "WorldConosaurus Rex", BSFA Matrix 170 ed. Tom Hunter, November/December 2004
Newsletter: Necronomigone

2005                              Suzanne Tompkins
Other candidates: Chaz Boston Baden and Curt Phillips.
Report: In progress.
Newsletter: Two Year TAFF-Life

2006   Bridget Bradshaw
Other candidates: ½r Cruttenden and Mike Rennie.
Report: Trip journal.

2007  No winner
Convoy, the 2007 Eastercon, was cancelled.
Contenders:  Chris Garcia and Mary Kay Kare

2008  Winner:  Chris Garcia
Attended:  Orbital, 2008 Eastercon in London
Other Contenders:  Chris Barkley, Linda Deneroff and Christian Maguire.

2009   Winner:  Steven Green
Attended:  Anticipation, 2009 Worldcon in Montreal, Canada
Other Contender: Tom Womack

2010  Winners:  Brian Gray & Anne KG Murphy
Attended:  Coflu in Winchester & Odyssey, the 2010 Eastercon in London
Other Contender: Frank Wu

2011 Winner:  John Coxon
Attended:  Renovation, 2011 Worldcon in Reno, Nevada
Other Contenders:  Graham Charnock, Liam Proven and Paul Treadaway

2012 Winner:  Jacq Monahan
Attended:  Olympus, the 2012 Eastercon in London
Other Contenders:  Warren Buff and Kim Kofmel

2013 Winner:  Jim Mowatt
Attended:  LoneStarCon 3, Worldcon in San Antonio, Texas
Other Contender:  Theresa Derwin

2014 Winner:  Curt Phillips
Attended:  Loncon 3, 2014 Worldcon in London
Other Contenders:  Brad & Cindy Foster and Randy Smith

2015 Winner:  Nina Horvath
Attended:  Sasquan, 2015 Worldcon in Spokane, WA
Other Contender:  Wolf von Witting

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