Angelique, the Unconventional ComiCon Costumer - Introduction

I've been doing costumes and masqueraders for many years and sometimes I'm best remembered for some of my early works as various comic book characters so I came to the attention of Richard Arndt, a well known and respected comic book fan with a website devoted to not only Warren publications but interviews with people who were part that world. Richard was insightful enough to ask me only a few questions but he requested that I go into great detail whenever possible so I did!

I pointed out to him that although I started out in comic book costumes that I moved into other realms such as Star Trek , SF & Costume Con costuming and wanted to talk about them as well. He graciously consented and here is the result of the interview which is now on the Fanac site. Btw-there's a fair amount of costume making talk but there's also my experiences with several well-known people from the various cons and there are many photos of my and other costumers work to enjoy as well.

Also, for anyone interested in costumes and/or the masquerades, I highly recommend a publication by Master Costumer, Mike Resnick called, "Masquerade: The Magazine of Science Fiction Costuming". It's a fabulous overview of the costumers and Worldcons and a wonderful addition to any Science Fiction Library! You can order it directly from Mike at:

Also, the interview appears in its original form on Richard's site, under "Angelique, the Unconventional ComiCon Costumer". While you're there, please check out the other interviews he's conducted with a varied group of comic book notables as I think that you'll find them very interesting as well.

This particular form of my interview has been reformatted from 42 pages to 27 and is presented as a 2.2MB PDF file. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did writing it.


Angelique Trouvere (aka: angee)