Cosmag Volume 3 Number 2 - September 1952

Edited by Ian T. Macauley

Table of Contents

1 Title Page

4 Judgement Mack Reynolds

14 The Science-Fiction Writer, A Lost Artist? Lemuel Craig
20 The Lowdown On Project Fanclub Dick Clarkson
21 Science-Fiction In Weird Tales Robert E. Briney
25 After 113 Years Darrell C. Richardson

3 Out of the Void Ian T. Macauley
27 Speaking For Myself Peter J. Ridley
29 Fan Pubs Conducted by Jerry Burge

Interior illustrations by Burge, Mac, Davis, Briney, Ben Bost, Lee Hoffman, John Grossman, John Cockroft, Ridley, and Ralph Rayburn Phillips

CREDIT: To Henry Burwell for the drawings by Davis on pages 7, 8, 9, 12, and 16
to Richard Elsberry for the illos by Cockroft on page 14, Phillips on page 17, and Grossman on page 23

(Data entered by Judy Bemis)

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