OUT OF THE VOID by the Editor

A LITTLE OVER A YEAR AGO, Henry Burwell and I decided to combine our two fanzines, SFD and COSMAG, respectively, into one. Yet, we weren't satisfied in forming a complete merger, for, as Henry once aptly expressed, we c o u l d never reach a mutual agreement. Thusly, C/ sfd came into being as two separate amateur magazines bound under one cover, and later as you see us now, two entirely separate publications merely printed together. The latter method of combining is just about the most suitable one to both of us editors; less expensive (than running two separately), and easier to handle in mailing and with subscriptions.

At any rate, this is supposedly the first anniversary issue of Cosmag Science Fiction Digest, and is attempted to be something out of the ordinary to our regular procedure. Whether you like it or not, or how you comment on this issue will determine the probability of another anniversary number one year from now. Naturally, we hope that you will spread the word of this issue, so that we may sell enough additional copies, and find out the success (or failure) of this issue.

I hope that many of you readers will notice the new type-face in the May and September 1952 Cosmags. A new typewriter with a face similar to the one used in SFD, was bought by Carson F. Jacks, one of the nicest and most pleasant members of the Atlanta S-F Organisation, and myself. Both Carson and I put ourselves further into that shadowy evil: debt to purchase said machine. The latter should produce a much nicer appearance to the magazine; and will definitely halt most cries concerning microscopic print.

Apologies are herewith forwarded for the lack of the letter column this issue. It was originally slated for publication, but due to the fact that our offset expenditures were more than anticipated pages had to be dropped. Omiting your epistles was the only way I could cut down space, and still bring you the articles that are featured. However, don't let the absence of the letter section tempt you not to write, Th'Ink Spot will resume again with the November Cosmag. So, you would-be letter-hacks, oil up that typer, and hurl us a missive; criticisms, comments or whathaveyou. We aren't particular!

Due to a lot of readers' complaints concerning third-person editorializing, I am dropping said method of construction, though personally I prefer "he" and "the editor" to "we" and "I" so typically found throughout fandom. Any further comments on the preceding subject?

As a last minute plea, I reecho my cry for hearing from you; and would greatly appreciate 500-1,000 word articles on stf and/or fanning from you would-be pros, and some black and white illustrations (see size requirements on page one) for interior use.

Until November---


(Data entered by Judy Bemis)