Electronic Fanzines (E-Zines)

Fanzines have been the traditional means for S-F fans to communicate. "All knowledge is contained in fanzines" is a popular adage.

We will try to provide a large selection of the most popular and most important fanzines of the past. Many of the best know professionals in the field started in fanzines. People like Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg and Lois McMaster Bujold started as fans.

Initially, we will put these fanzines on the web as graphic files. Eventually we hope to provide some of the material as text files which will load faster and be searchable.

All of this work is done by volunteers. This is a great place for you to help. If you would be willing to convert some of the material to text, even an article or two, it would greatly speed up the process. If you are interested, send email to me below.

-- Joe Siclari
    Fan History Project Coordinator

When an item in the following table is a Fanzine, the link points to another table that details the Fanzine's history. To view the issue, please click on its title.

Entries marked with a [BB] in this table have one or more issues on-line.

ALT="[RB]"> in this table are links to other sites.

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Fanzine Editor[s]/Author Date[s] Type Issues Flag
[RB] Baryon Magazine Barry R. Hunter 1975-Present Fanzine

[RB] eFNAC John Foyster 2000 E-Zine (PDF fornat)

[RB] Emerald City Cheryl Morgan 1995-Present Fanzine

[RB] ERBzine Bill & Sue-On Hillman 1996-Present Fanzine

[RB] Fully Caffeinated Lucy Huntzinger

[RB] Grilled Pterodactyl David Grigg

[RB] Picofarad Petrea Mitchell 2004-Present Fanzine

[RB] Planetary Stories Shelby Vick 2005 E-Zine

[BB] Stratus SF SIG News Laurie D. T. Mann May 1988 Feb 1993 Newsletter 0
[RB] WOSSNAME Joe Schaumburger (1930-2011)
Annie Mac
1999-Present Nesletter

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