Terry Carr

November 1964


This is Entropy #1, November 1964, edited and published by Terry Carr, 41 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11201 (USA). Published quarterly.

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Author/Artist Title Pages Material Notes
ATom fan in attic with piles of fanzines 1 Cover
Hoffman, Lee Fan lookin at speaker list of hoax fans 2 Fillo
Carr, Terry Editorial 3-4 Editorial
Hoffman, Lee the Day etaoinshrdlu earth blew up 3 Fillo
Tucker, Bob The Iron Curtain Drops 5-9 Fan Fic. reprinted from Oopsla #9, January 1, 1953
Hoffman, Lee Iron Curtain Drops, The 5, 9 illo:2
Youd, Sam Science Fiction League, Upper Fifth Branch 10-13 Article from Fission #3, March 1955
Hoffman, Lee Science Fiction League, Upper Fifth Branch 10, 13 illo:2
English, Dave The Little Boy Who Bit People 14-16 Am.Fict. from Fiendetta #6, December 1953
Stiles, Steve Little Boy Who Bit People, The 14, 16 illo:2
Liebscher, Walt I Want to Pass Away in Pasadena 17 Poetry from A Bas #9, November 1956
Trimble, Bjo I Want to Pass Away in Pasadena 17 illo
Grennell, Dean A. Hup No Mo', Hupmobile 18-19 Article from Contour #11, May 1957
Hoffman, Lee Hup No Mo', Hupmobile 18 illo
Darrow, Jack A Bit of Travesty on Fan Letters by One Who Writes Them 20 Fan Fic. from The Fourteen Leaflet #9, Spring 1937
Stiles, Steve Bit of Travesty on Fan Letters by One Who Writes Them, A 20 illo
Ashworth, Mal The Most Unforgettables Lupin Man I Ever Met 21-24 Article from Brennschluss #4, Spring 1960
ATom Most Unforgettables Lupin Man I Ever Met, The 21, 24 illo:2
Barrett, Mervyn fan with placard: The end of SF is at hand 25 Fillo

Cover by Arthur Thomson. Back cover by Mervyn Barrett.

Interior illustrations by Lee Hoffman, Steve Stiles, Arthur Thomson and Bjo Trimble.
(All but the back cover, contents page and editorial illos stencilled by the artists.)

This first issue was distributed with the November 1964 FAPA mailing, the December 1964 OMPA mailing, and the January 1965 SAPS mailing. Future issues will be available for 25¢ each, four for $1.00, or for letters of comment. (FAPA members, who would receive my regular tradezine Lighthouse anyway, may want to trade with Entropy instead; let me know and I'll act accordingly.)

Copyright © by the estate of Terry Carr and reprinted with permission.

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