The Fanac Fan History Project

Information Update #6
1 February 2000
For more information or to help, contact
Joe Siclari,
FANAC Fan History Project Coordinator

Our sixth update on the FANAC Fan History Project (FHP) has taken a while. It only goes up to Feb. 1, so another one will be coming shortly. We have been busy but not quite all of it was on the Fan History Project. The FHP web site has continued to grow. More people are contributing photos and fanzines and other odd items as well. I will try to bring you up-to-date. You can quickly check the latest additions to the FHP web site at

NEW STUFF: We started a new section called "Fannish Artifacts" that will be used to hold off beat material that does not fit neatly into one of the other sections of this site. The first entry in this new section is Howard DeVore's Business Card section. These business cards show the wide range of interests, and humor, of one of the famous father figures of fandom. We have also added a new feature to the Fanac Names Cross Reference ( You may now add your E-Mail address to your Cross Reference listing entry to allow others in the fannish community to locate you. This feature was requested by fen accessing the site in the hope of locating long lost friends and acquaintances.

FANZINES on the FHP site: Over 25 fanzines are now accessible on our site. The newest additions include:

Cinvention Memory Book, Cinvention Program Book, several issues of Dunkelberger & Kay's Fanewscard, and TAFF Progress Reports in the Classic Fanzines Index (; Monotreme (Aussiecon Three Newsletter), Ned Brooks’ It Goes On The Shelf 21, and more TAFF Progress Reports in the Modern Fanzines Index (; Joe Siclari’s FANAC Updates 1-5, and Marc Sahr and Todd DeBoni’s PulpFantasy in the Electronic Fanzines Index ( We also continue to add links to fanzines elsewhere on the web so you can access hundreds more from our fanzine pages.

PHOTOGRAPHS added: Photos are coming in from all over -- over 3,00 now -- from over 200 conventions plus numerous club and other fan gatherings and photos from over 4 Worldcons. Please help us put more online.

New Worldcon photos ( from 1939 to 1998 have been added to: AussieCon 1, BucCONeer, Chicon II, Clevention, ConFederation, Discon I, Discon II, Intersection, LA Con II, LA Con III, MagiCon, Noreascon 3, NYCon II, St. Louiscon, Seacon'79, SFCon, Solacon 1958, Torcon 2, and Tricon

New photos for Other Convention albums ( from 195 to 1999: Ambercon, Boskone 13, Boskone 28, Canadian National Science Fiction Expo, ConCept-Boreal 98, Concept Boreal 1999, Confusion, ConQuesT 3, Contradiction 4, DeepSouthCon III, DeepSouthCon 7, DeepSouthCon XIV, DeepSouthCon 22, DeepSouthCon 23, DeepSouthCon 3, DeepSouthCon 27, Disclave 1972, DisClave 1981, Disclave 1988, Lexicon 1989,LoneStarCon I, LunaCon 1979, Metrocon 1954, OKon I, OKon II, OKon VI, OKon XII, OKon IX, OKon XI, Roc*Kon 6, SciCon 198, Soonercon 12, SMOFCon 15, Star Trek 1975, Tropicon II, Tropicon VII, Tropicon IX, Tropicon X, Tropicon XIV, Tropicon XV, Tropicon XVI, Tropicon XVIII, World Fantasy Con 1983, and World Fantasy Con 1987.

We also added photos to these Fan Photo Albums ( Ackermansion, Baltimore Fandom, East Coast Fandom, English Fandom, Los Angeles Fandom, Midwest Fandom, NESFA, New Jersey Fandom, New Orleans Science Fiction Association, New York Fandom, Northwest Fandom, South Florida Fandom, South Florida Science Fiction Society, Southern Fandom, and Washington D. C. Fandom.

Thanks to our contributors. I want to thank the photographers who provided photos: Gaetan Borgia, Ned Brooks, Howard DeVore, Bob Ewart, Tim Frayser, Ben Jason, Debbie King, Gordon McGregor, Laurie Mann, Ann Methe, John Millard, Jean-Pierre Normand, Frank Olynyk, Dina Pearlman, Bruce Pelz, Carol Porter, Joe Siclari, Robert Sneddon, Dean Sweatman, and Ben Yalow.

FHP at cons: The FANAC Fan History Project will be at conventions to collect and scan your photos and accept donations to the Fan History Archives. Representatives of the Fan History Project will be at the following science fiction conventions in 200: Boskone 37, Feb. 18-2, Boston; Confluence, Feb. 25-27, Mars, PA; Corflu 17, Mar. 3-5, Seattle, Oasis 13, May 26-28, Orlando; Midwestcon 51, June 24-27, Cincinnati; Conolulu, July 1-4, Honolulu, Chicon 200, Aug. 31-Sept. 4, Chicago Worldcon; Tropicon 19/FanHistoricon 1, Nov. 10-12, Hollywood, FL, and SMOFcon 18, Dec. 1-3, Cocoa Beach, FL

Any fans who have photos, publications, or other memorabilia that they might be interested in donating to the Fan History Project collection are asked to contact Joe Siclari at or talk with our representative at one of these conventions. . Remember, your donations may be tax-deductible. Check our home page to see where we will be next. Thank you.


Our people cross reference is closing on eleven thousand names in our people index -- 1,801 to be exact. When you want to find out something about an S-F fan or professional, don't forget to check this Cross Reference list ( It’s a virtual Who's Who of Science Fiction. "If you're not listed. Why not?" Help us document your fandom. We are adding more material all the time.

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