The Fanac Fan History Project

Information Update #7
28 August 2000
For more information or to help, contact
Joe Siclari,
FANAC Fan History Project Coordinator

Six months have passed since our last update on the FANAC Fan History Project (FHP). We have been busy but not quite all of it was on the Fan History Project. The big news for us is that my wife, Edie Stern and I (Joe Siclari) are moving from Florida to New York. This is necessarily limiting my activity on the Fan History Project until we are resettled. Still, the FHP web site continues to grow. We have almost 30 megabytes of information, totaling over 7,500 pages. More volunteers are contributing photos and fanzines and other unusual items. You can quickly check the latest additions to the FHP web site at

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Fan History Project has received two substantial donations. The first is $1,00 from a generous donor who asked to remain anonymous. This donation will be used to make more fanhistorical materials available on our web site and in print. The second was a donation of eleven cartons of fanzines by Ed Meskys with more to come. These fanzines will be cataloged, entered into our reference database, and be used for research and as source material for reprints and for the web site.

NEW STUFF: We have added a search engine to the web site. You can now search, within limits specified on the search form, for specific items on our web site. Go to our home page -- click on the SEARCH button. But don't forget the Fan Cross Reference at -- now up to 11,578 individual names. It is still the best way to see a list of people and where they are mentioned on the site. One new aspect of the Cross Reference is the ability to add your E-Mail address to your Cross Reference listing entry. This will allow others in the fannish community to locate you -- virtually a fannish "yellow pages". We also added a form to allow people to correct the way their names are presented in the listings. You requested these features, now you can use them.

More Fanzines on the FHP site: About 30 fanzines are now available on our site. The newest additions include:

Classic Fanzines ( Walt Liebscher's Chanticleer #3 (12/45), Lee Hoffman's Quandry #14 (1/51), Frank Dietz and Art Rapp's Cinvention Daily #1 (9/2/49), Don Fabun's Rhodomagnetic Digest #21 (1952), Don Day's Fanscient #1 (9/47) & #11 (Spr/50), Walt Dunkelberger & Earl Kay's Fanews(card) #133 (3/26/45) & #156 (5/16/45), Walt Willis' Slant #3 (Spr/50) and Hyphen #5 (11/53), #34 (9/63) & #36 (1965). Thank Judy Bemis for entering all of these fanzines.

Modern Fanzines ( Jean Weber's WeberWoman's Wrevenge #52-#55, and Eric Lindsay's Gegenschein #53-59, #63-72 and #76-85,

Electronic Fanzines ( Joe Siclari's FANAC Updates #6.

Articles & Con Reports: Additional articles by Walt Willis added to complete The Willis Papers. More data entry also by Judy Bemis. More thanks to her. Ned Brook's AussieCon I Report and Susan Stepney's Eastercon convention reports. Jon Singer's "True Tale of Zorba the Greep" Rune 48 (1976) provided by Fred Levy Haskell. Many more links have been provided to fanzines on other web sites as well.

More Photos added: Photos are coming in from all over -- over 3,40 now -- from over 225 conventions plus numerous club and other fan gatherings including photos from more than 40 Worldcons. Please help us put more online.

New Worldcon photos ( from 1955 to 1999 have been added to: Clevention, Pacificon II, Loncon II, Noreascon I, Torcon 2, AussieCon I, MidAmeriCon, SunCon, Seacon '79, LA Con II, Conspiracy, MagiCon, LAcon III and AussieCon Three.

New photos for Other Convention albums ( from 195 to 1999: Albacon, Boskone 18 & 35, Conestoga 2000, ConQuesT 31, Corflu 6, 9& 13, Darkover Grand Council 1983, Loscon 19, Minicon 25 & 34, OKon IX, XIII & XV, OtherMeeting 89-NY95, Soonercon 3 & 13, Toner 1996 and Tropicon VII.

We also added photos to these Fan Photo Albums ( Ackermansion, Australian Fandom, English Fandom, Historic Buildings and Things, Irish Fandom, LASFS, Los Angeles Fandom, Mae Strelkov Fan Fund, New Orleans Science Fiction Association, South Florida Science Fiction Society, TAFF 1998, Young English Fandom.

Thanks to our contributors. I want to thank the photographers who provided photos: Babich, Ned Brooks, Gerry de la Ree, Laura Dolan, Bob Ewart, Tim Frayser, Gordon Garb, Jim Grunst, Ben Jason, Debbie King, Evelyn C. Leeper, Jim Linwood, Fran Mullen, Frank Olynyk, Bruce Pelz, Jeff Schalles, Dan Siclari, Susan Stepney, Geri Sullivan, Dean Sweatman and Bill Warren.

FHP at cons: The Fan History Project will continue to be at conventions to collect and scan your photos and accept donations to the Fan History Archives. Representatives of the Fan History Project will be at the following science fiction conventions in 200: Chicon 2000, Aug. 31 - Sept. 4, Chicago Worldcon; Tropicon 19/FanHistoricon 10, Nov. 10-12, Hollywood, FL, and SMOFcon 18, Dec. 1-3, Cocoa Beach, FL. Next year we plan to be at: Boskone, Corflu, Lunacon, Midwestcon, Millennium Philcon, SMOFcon among others. See our home page to see where we will be.

If you have photos, publications, or other memorabilia that you might be interested in donating to the Fan History Project collection, contact Joe Siclari at or talk with our representative at one of these conventions. Your donations may be tax-deductible. Thank you.

Help us document your fandom. We are adding more material all the time. Bookmark the Fan History Project at Keep checking back with us.