Fanhistorica 1

Joe D. Siclari
Gary Farber

May 1976


Issues that have been added in the last 30 days or so will be listed in bold font.

Cover Lee Hoffman and Ross Chamberlain Art 1
      Many Lee Hoffman illos are used throughout the zine
Table of Contents 3
Ticka...Ticka...Ticka Joe Siclari Editorial 4
The Bluffer's Guide to Publishing a Fanzine Lee Hoffman Article 6
Numerical Fandoms Gary Farber Article 14
After 1939 - What? Jack Speer Article 15
      reprinted from Madge's Prize MSS, LASFL 1938
Last and First Fen Bob Silverberg Article 18
      reprinted from Lee Hoffman's Quandry 25, October 1952
The Decline of the Best Jack Speer Article 21
      reprinted from Lee Hoffman's Quandry 29, June 1953
"I've Had No Sleep and I Must Giggle" Ginjer Buchanan Article 24
      reprinted from Granfalloon #5, November 1968 edited by Linda Bushyager and Suzanne Tompkins
All Our Yesterdays: A look at AH! SWEET IDIOCY Harry Warner Jr. Article 30
      reprinted from VOID 26, 1961
A Fanzine Fable For Six-Year-Olds Redd Boggs Article 34
      reprinted from Vic Ryan's Bane #9
Chitter Chatter Gary Farber Editorial 39

Scans by Joe Siclari

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