Fanhistorica 3

Joe D. Siclari

August 1978


Issues that have been added in the last 30 days or so will be listed in bold font.

Cover Stu Shiffman Art 1
Table of Contents
Ticka...Ticka...Ticka Joe Siclari Editorial 4
A Survey on F. Towner Laney Harry Warner Jr. Article 6
      reprinted from The Stormy Petrel, publised by Terry Carr, May, 1959
Faned's Soliloquy (a filksong) Karina Girsdansky and JoeD Siclari Filksong 16
...Some More About Laney Charles Burbee Article 17
      reprinted from a one shot, The Best Loins Are On The Floor, edited by Dave Locke for FAPA, Feb 1976
Ah! Sweet Idiocy! (part 2) F. Tower Laney Article 20
The SF Con (a filksong) Karina Girsdansky and Joe Siclari Filksong 39
Fanhysteria (LoColumn)
Letters 40
Laney's a Liar Sam Moskowitz Article 44
      excerpted from a lengthy letter from SaM
The Immoral Storm Walt Willis Article 46
      reprinted from Opus #2, Feb 1951, edited by W. Max Keasler
Proxyboo, Ltd. Walt Willis Article 49
      reprinted from Slant 4, Autumn, 1950

Scans by Joe Siclari

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