Fanhistorica 4

Joe D. Siclari

December 1982


Issues that have been added in the last 30 days or so will be listed in bold font.

Cover Stu Shiffman Art 1
Table of Contents
Ticka...Ticka...Ticka Joe Siclari Editorial 4
Fandom is a Way of Life Alva Rogers Speech 6
      text of Alva Rogers' Fan GoH speech Westercon XV, June 1962
Fanoclasts Dick Lupoff Article 13
      reprinted from Bastion 3, Sprint 1962 edited by Eric Bentcliffe
The Tucker Hotel Bob Shaw et al Floorplans 18
Ah! Sweet Idiocy! (part 3) F. Towner Laney Reprint 20
Alva Rogers In Memoriam Alva Rogers Art 36
      art reprinted from Voice of the Imagi-nation #43, June 1945, edited by Forrest J Ackerman
Science Fiction Newsletter #22 (Oct 1951) Bob Tucker see SF Newsletter 22 37
The Ray Nelson Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit Ray Nelson Article 47

Scans by Joe Siclari

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