by Alex Osheroff

How do you do? . . . Here is another fan mag. Start sending in your subscriptions . . . We are permanent . . . Our sincere thanks to Thomas N. Tipaldi for aid in typing copy . . . contributions must be very short . . . There will be an increase in pages next issue . . . Watch for an informative article on the workings of Jim Blish . . . Also Wm. H. Miller . . . Flash: THOMAS CALVERT McCLARY, reknowned author of "Rebirth" believed to be DONALD WANDREI . . . Mort Weisinger plans to instigate a column in Thrilling Wonder on fan mags; Wm. H. Miller will supply material, (Ed. of Phantastique -- 5c -- 69 Halsted Street, East Orange, N. J.) . . . O. O. McIntyre commented in the Newark Star Eagle recently on the large number of professional men who write for and read Astounding . . . Us fans supply the noise . . . Julius Schwartz will continue "The Science Fiction Eye" occasionally in the new combined Fantasy . . . The Fantasy Fiction Telegram -- 1700 Frankford Ave., Phila. Penn., will combine after a few issues with the new Fantasy. Small size next issue . . . Morris S. Dollens -- 126 12th Av., N. St. Paul, Minn., will issue two new stf indexes and a magazine called Science Adventure Stories. Send to him for full particulars. . . His first anniversary issue of the Stf Col. will have 20 large size pages and be combined with F. F. D. . . . Take Jim Blish's statements in Grotesque with a grain of salt. Write me for particulars.

(Data entered by Judy Bemis)