Images from Loncon I

the 15th World Science Fiction Convention

London, England 1957

Ruth & Dave Kyle, Norman & Ina Shorrock

Vince Clarke (standing, 2nd left)

Dave & Ruth Kyle with Brian Aldiss

3 Unidentified, Norman Shorrock, Ken Slater, Pam Bulmer

4e Ackerman, Aldiss, Dave Newman, Shorrock, unknown woman

Unknown woman, Dave Newman, Walt & Madeleine Willis

Newman, Willis, Bob Madle, Ken Bulmer

Willis, Ackerman, James White

White, Ackerman, others

Ted Carnell at auction

John W. Campbell, Sam Moskowicz

Campbell, H. Beam Piper

Silverberg, Ackerman, White

H. Beam Piper & fan

Silverberg, Carnell

Ackerman, Moskowicz

Ted Tubb, Ken Slater

Kyle, Harry Harrison

George Locke, Ken Slater

Ron Bennett (maybe)

John Brunner, Ted Carnell

Norman Wansborough, Ken Bulmer

Sandy Sanderson, Bentcliffe, Jeeves, Madeleine Willis

Bennett, Joan Silverberg, Brian Burgess

Joy Clarke, Vince Clarke, Willis, White, etc.

John Newman, Ken Bulmer

Joan Newman, Daphne Buckmaster, Pam Bulmer

Pam Bulmer, Peggy Campbell, Eric Frank Russell

Group Shot

Michael Moorcock, White, V. Clarke, Len Wright

Arthur C. Clarke

Campbell, ACC, others

Bert Campbell

Pam Bulmer, unknown woman

Ken & Pam Bulmer, Harry Harrison

St. Fantony ceremony

More St. Fantony

Carnell, Campbell, John Seterson (SF Times)

Campbell, Bobbie Wide, John Wyndham

John W. Campbell

Editor at work!

Arthur C. Clarke, Dave Kyle, & Hugo

Masquerade: Alan Whicker presents...

Masquerade: Dave & Ruth Kyle

More masquerade

Norman & Ina in costume

Ina & John Roles


Masquerade: filming for the BBC

Alan Whicker with John & Marjorie Brunner

Masquerade: the young John Brunner (with antennae)

Brunner faces the camera

John Roles & others

Masquerade: Joan Harrison & others

Frank & Belle Dietz

Alan Whicker interviews Ken Bulmer

Walt Willis

Brian Aldiss & others


Ron Bennett, Ina, Normon Shorrock

Paul & Joan Hammett, George Locke

Brian Burgess menaces the Hammetts

John Roles (centre), Eddie Jones

In the Bar

The final line-up


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