This Album is historical but it is not a history.  It is not
	 meant to tell you that the LASFS meeting hall, wherever it may
	 be,  is named in memory of Paul Freehafer, nor that Alvin W.
	 Mussen,  dead on the Bataan death march,  was the only LASFS
	 fatality of World War II, nor that Jack Jardine wrote a paper-
	 back called "Lesbo Lodge" wherein most of the LASFS members of
	 the day appear as recognizable characters. But it is meant to
	 show you what Paul Freehafer,  Alvin W. Mussen, Jack Jardine,
	 and many another fan who has been a member of the club in its
	 more than thirty-two years of existence looked like.  Some
	 people who ought to appear here don't,  and others appear more
	 often than their importance to the club might seem to warrant.
	 A few non-members are here, too, but then the LASFS has always
	 been hospitable to visitors.  We were circumscribed by space
	 and cost limitations which prevented using all the pictures
	 available, and by the contents of the collections available for
	 use -- we have nothing from the 1934-5? period,  for example.
	 This Album is based mostly on the collections of Forry Acker-
	 man and myself.  It became apparent quite early in the search
	 that these two would more than fill the space available,  and
	 that a second Album, at a later date, making use of other pic-
	 ture collections to cover some of the people and periods
	 slighted in this,  would be both feasible and desirable.  I
	 would be happy to hear from anyone who has photographs of Los
	 Angeles fans and activities,  particularly from those periods
	 of 1934-58, 1944-56, and 1961-65.  Provided reception of this
	 Album is good (read "We get our money back and make a slight
	 profit"),  a second will be forthcoming.  A history of the
	 LASFS, to cover several volumes, is now in preparation. These
	 will appear as succeeding volumes in the series "The LASFS
	 Papers," and will enrich the value of this collection by
	 answering such questions as "Who was Peggy Featherstone?" and
	 "What are Katya Hulan's vital statistics?" The editor  takes
	 full responsibility for all errors of omission or commission,
	 but he must acknowledge a special debt to Forry Ackerman,  who
	 took some five hours of a Saturday afternoon to help him sort
	 and identify pictures,  and to Fred Whitledge, who undertook
	 the long and laborious task of publication.
	                                   Al Lewis
	 Additional copies of this Album may be had for one dollar from
	 Al Lewis, 4600 Kester Avenue, Apartment D, Sherman Oaks, Cali-
	 fornia1 91405.     All profits go to the LASFS Building Fund.

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