Le Vombiteur

Robert A. W. "Doc" Lowndes

1938 - 1940


Le Vombiteur, published weekly by Robert A. W. "Doc" Lowndes from Springdale, Connecticut, was an example of the Hekto method of reproduction of early fan publications. For more information about this form of printing please see the Fancyclopedia III article "Hekto".

To view a Le Vombiteur  issue that is available on-line, please click on its Title column.

Title PDF Vol No Month Day Year Pages Notes Scanned
Le Vombiteur #1
1 1 December 1 1938 2
Kim Huett
Le Vombiteur #2
1 2 December 8 1938 2
Kim Huett
Le Vombiteur #34 PDF 3 9 July 25 1940 2
Bob Hurter
Le Vombiteur #37 PDF 3 12 December 12 1940 2
Bob Hurter

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