Program Book

The New York Science Fiction Society - The Lunarians, Inc.

March 19-21, 1982

Regina E. Gottedman

Lunacon 25 Mike Braun Logo Front Cover
Ace Science Fiction
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Painting John Schoenherr Art 3
TOC, Acknowledgements, Committee

      Chair: Stewart C. Hellinger
      Vice Chair: Louise Schter

Epic Illustrated
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Timescape Books
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Fred Saberhagan: An Appreciation Jim Baen Article 7
The Sheraton Heights
Ad 8
      Congratulations to our LUNACON friends...
Vote the Rat! See the Mouse LA in '84
Ad 9
Upon Hairy Beasts Jack Gaughan Article 10
Jack Gaughan Jay Kay Klein Photo 11
Tor Books
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Tor Books
Ad 13
New York in '86
Ad 14
Steve Styles: Image of an Artist Ted White Article 15
Beam me up, Mr. Scott... Steve Styles Cartoon 17
The Stock Company Fred Saberhagen Article 18
      The Good/Bad Guys In The White/Black Hats
DAW Books
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DAW Books: Donald A. Wollheim
Retrospect 20
Atlanta in '86
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Sabwehagen Biography
Bio 23
Unicon 82
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Fantasy Archives
Ad 25
The L5 Society of New York
Ad 26
Ad 27
Ad 28
Cape Study Hal Clement Article 29
Robert Weinberg
Ad 30
The Museum of the Surreal and Fantastique
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Philadelphia in '86
Ad 31
The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Films
Ad 33
Genesis: Lunacon Stuart C. Hellinger Art6icle 34
Past Lunacons
List 36
Three by Schoenherr John Schoenherr Art 37

Chicon IV
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Back Cover

Scans by Brian Knapp

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