Program Book

The New York Science Fiction Society - The Lunarians, Inc.

March 18-20, 1983

Elyse S. Rosenstein

Lunacon '83 Barbi Johnson Art Front Cover
Fantasy Archives
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Lunacon '83 Guests of Honor

      Author: Anne McCaffery
      Artist: Barbi Johnson
      Fan: Don & Elsie Wollheim


Committee and Assistants

      Chair: Elyse S. Rosenstein
      Vice Chair: Madeline & Sean Morrison

Anne McCarrery
Photo 4
Anne McCaffery
Bio & Biblio 5
The Star Blazers Fan Club
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The Sheraton Heights
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      Welcome Back to the ...
Del Rey Books
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Anne McCaffery David Gerrold Article 9
      The Dragon Lady of Science Fiction
On Anne McAffery Issac Asimov Comments 11
Long Island Science Fiction Club
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Barbi Johnson - An Appreciation, Lew Wolkoff Article 12
Barbi Johhnson Elyse S. Rosenstein Bio 13
Daw Books
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Donald and Elsie Wollheim Robert A. W. Lowndes Article 16
New York in 1989
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What Kind of Fan GoH in this? Braxton Wells Article 19
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      The Science Behind Science Fiction
Research Project Hal Clement Article 21
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Spot the Redfruit Jonathan Feinstein and Cheryl Gloger Article 25
Atlanta in '86
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Past Lunacons


New York in '86
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Lunacon '83 Logo Barbi Johnson Art Back Cover

Scans by Brian Knapp

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