Program Book

The New York Science Fiction Society - The Lunarians, Inc.

March 16-18, 1984

Larry Carmody

Lunacon '84 Tom Kidd Art Front Cover
Twentieth Century Fox
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Lunacon '84
Guests of Honor 3
      Writer: Terry Carr
      Artist: Tom Kidd
      Fan: Cy Chauvin


Committee and Assistants

      Chair: Larry Carmody
Houghton Mifflin Company
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Is the your first SF convention? Larry Carmody Article 7
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Terry Carr
An Appreciation
Ted White Article 9
The Sheraton Heights
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      Welcome back ...
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Terry Carr
Biblio 12
The Science Fiction Chronicle
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Tom Kidd Andrea Montague Article 14
Tom Kidd Tales #426 Jonh Pierard Comic 15
DAW Books, Inc.
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Tom Kidd (cont'd) Andrea Montague Article 18
Mike Braun
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Bluejay Books, Inc.
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Cy Chauvin Dian Drutowski Article 20
Cy Chauvin
Biblio (Selected) 21
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NY in '86 et al Devra Langsam Ad 22
Tom Kidd Protfolio Tom Kidd Art 23
NY in '89
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Philly in '86
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Bluejay Books
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Atlanta in '86
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Past Lunacons

Empiricon 5
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Tom Kidd Art Back Cover

Scans by Brian Knapp

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