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The New York Science Fiction Society - The Lunarians, Inc.

March 20-22, 1987

LunaCon 1987

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Baen Books
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LunaCon 1987
GoHs 3
      Writer: Jack Williamson
      Artist: Darrell K. Sweet
      Fan: Jack L. Chalker


Rules 4
List 5
The Labyrinth of Dreams
Ad 6
Chairpersons Letter William R. Morrison and Elan Jane Litt Letter 7
Jack Williamson
Photo 8
The Legionnaire of Space Fredrick Pohl Bio 9
Jack Williamson
Photo 10
The Legionnaire of Space (Cont'd) Fredrick Pohl Intro 11
Darrell K. Sweet Andy Porter Photo 12
Darrrell K. Sweet Darrell K. Sweet Bio 13
Details from "Magic Kingdon - For Sale" and "Voyage from Yesterday" Darrell K. Sweet Illos 14
Details from "Her Majesty's Wizard" and "The Hobbit" Darrell K. Sweet Illos 15
Jack Chalker Andy Porter Photo 16
Jack L. Chalker Mark Owings Bio 17
The Other Side of the Mirror
Ad 18
Daw Books
Ad 19
Science Fiction Music Ira Stoller Article 20
Ad 21
Mike Resnick Rick Hawes Photo 22
The Oracle of Central Park Barry N. Malzberg Article 23
Mike Resnick Jack L. Chalker Bio 24
Ad 25
The Cold Green Eyes Jack Williamson Excerpt 26
NYClone 2
Ad 31
Redresse Brigitte Sleiertin Art 32

Polly Freas
Memoriam 34
Past Lunacons
List Inside Back Cover

Back Cover

Scans by Brian Knapp

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