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Huzzah for me. My work – my wire sculpture – has now been on television and in the movies. ("The Secret Fury"; it was on the set but, alas, did not show up in the final print…in the next issue I expose the movies – "The Secrets of the Cutting Room Floor!") In addition, I've had a one-man show at one of the small LA galleries, been in the Artists of LA and Vicinity Show the biggest exhibit on the Coast – and in several other exhibitions, collections and countries. Needless to say, I AM A GREAT BIG MAN!


I would like to thank the contributors to the WISH I HAD WRITTEN THAT series very much for their generosity and work. It is not easy asking a pro author to give of his time but certainly far more difficult to actually give of your time and talent in the very field for which certain editors are so rash as to pay money. Well, it is almost the same field. My thanks to Forrest Ackerman for supplying most of the addresses.

A number of authors were unable to agree to my request because of previous commitments or present work. I am certainly the first to agree; I am only too well aware of the drain normal activities take without the additional one of the microscopic fannish press. I salute those who have appeared in the series as well as those to come and those who cannot appear.

In the coming issues we have Ray Bradbury, EEEvans, August Derleth, and many others.


I'd also like to thank Mr Burbee for coming out of his too over-long retirement to write an article for this self-styled magazine. And Mr Manning for his sketchbook; and Howard Miller for the heading on the Burbee item. And thanks to Harry Warner (Jr.) for permission to use his letter. And to all the contributors, past, present & future – I thank you.


I'm still hunting for material. I would like short articles, 1 to 3 pp & on about any subject. I'd prefer humor but since that's the very hardest thing to do I'll leave that to Burbee and Laney and Tucker and one or two others. I try to put out a balanced mag but it just never works. Except for a coupla articles on art and the WISH series & Blish's article last ish there hasn't been a serious article yet. Froth! Help bring to Masque a few sobering statements. I thank you. WR

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