ODD #14

Raymond D. Fisher
Joyce M. Fisher



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Front Cover M. Rhodes
Front Cover
Colophox Kley Illo 3

      Illo by Paul Willis
Self-Centered Man and His God Ray Nelson Cartoon 6
The Voice of the Turtle Ray Fisher Editorial 7
      Illo by Kley
Survival of the Fittest Ray Nelson Cartoon 9
The Passing of Auther Joe Kennedy Article 10
Last Toast Joyce Fisher Verse 11
I'll take that hill if it costs every damn man I've got! Ray Nelson Cartoon 12
Bookseller F. A. Reeds Verse 13
Panders to the Star-Begotten Charles Burbee Article 14
      Illos by Ray Nelson and Ray and Joyce Fisher
Excerpt 17
Britain (Ob)Scene and Observed Richard Gordon Article 18
Untitled Kley Cartoon 21
Happy Bilbo Baggins' Birthday to You Stud Dave Hall Fiction 22
Sanctuary Joyce Fisher Verse 23
The Incompleat Essayist Paul Willis Essay 24
      On The Rediculous People and Other Matters {151} Illo by Kley
There is Always Something Missing in These New Robots Ray Nelson Cartoon 28
Two Poems Joyce Fisher Verses 29
Guard Marshall Clarke Essay 30
Come With Me Joyce Fisher Verse 32
      Art by M. Rhodes
And Flirt With Whales Becker Staus Verse 34
      Art by M. Rhodes
The Science of Morals Walter Parkin Article 36
      Illos by Neil Graham and Ray Fisher
Greenland is a Dreadful Place David N. Hall Article 38
      Illos by Ray Fisher and DEA
It's a Place That's Never Green David N. Hall Article 43
      Illos by M. Rhodes and Kley
Post Script Ray Fisher Editorial 46
      Illo by Kley
Rogue Dragon Jack Gaughan
Back Cover

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