ODD #15

Raymond D. Fisher
Joyce M. Fisher

January 1, 1967


ODD #15 is also available in PDF format (4.58Mb) that requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. If you don't already have the Reader you can download a free copy from Adobe by clicking here.

Front Cover Jack Gaughan

Line drawing M. Rhodes Art 4
The Voice of the Turtle Raymond D. Fisher Editorial 5
What we're trying to do... Tony Urie Cartoon 7
Line drawing M. Rhodes Art 8
Atlanteas Joyce Fisher Verse 9
Line drawing M. Rhodes Art 11
Illustration Paul Willis Art 12
Ivan 124C41 Lyle Gaulding Review 13
Illustration Jack Gaugham Art 17
News Item
Humor 18
Signify Dave Buck Comic 19
      A Comic Strip for Life as we know it
Little Isodora Ray Nelson Art 20
Little Isodora Ray Nelson Fiction 21
News Item
Humor 31
Stay Out of Saloons Bob Tucker Fiction 32
Sword Ron Whittington Art 34
ISM Ron Whittington Humor 35
Line Drawing M. Rhodes Art 36
Schism Ron Whittington Article 37
Three Marshall Clarke Verse 38
The Incompleat Essayist Paul Willis Essay 39
      Comets, Quibbles, and The Fly That Isn't There....
The Inn of the Sign of the Dragon David N. Hall Verse 43
England (Ob)Scene and Observed Richard Gordon Article 46
Down the Rabbit Hole
Letters 50
      Knock Thrice {151} Treacle for All
Merlin Jack Gaughan
Back Cover

Additional Art Credits:

Page scans by Ned Brooks, adjustments by Shelby Vick

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