ODD #16

Raymond D. Fisher
Joyce M. Fisher

March 19, 1967


Front Cover Paul J. Willis

The Voice of the Turtle Raymond D. Fisher Editorial 4
Irwin Hat James H. Gardner Comic Strip 7
Prehistoric Supermen Harry Warner Jr. Article 8
A Study for Elric and ... Jack Gaughan Art 11
Vindalf the Wine-Maker Consults the Oracle David N. Hall Verse 12
      Art by Jack Gaughan
A Contemporary Cantankerous Illustrative ... Marshall Clarke Fiction 16
      Title text by Mickey Rhodes
Untitled Poem Joyce Fisher Verse 18
The Void Boys Jack Gaughan Art 19
Splash Page Dave Buck Comic Strip 20
      Admiral Animal: Living Legend of World War III
The Not So Immaculate Conception Chester Malon Article 22
Odd's People Paul J. Willis Bio 29
Of What Stuff Are We Made? Jack Gaughan Art 30
The Incompleat Essayist Paul Willis Essay 31
Untitled Jack Gaugham Art 36
A Study for Elric Jack Gauham Art 37
England (Ob)Scene and Observed Richard Gordon Article 38
The Cockroache's Anecdote Ray Nelson
Enlightenment and Reward Joyce Fisher
Down the Rabbit Hole
Letters 44
      Knock Thrice {151} Treacle for All
Go ahead. Push your button ...

Back Cover Paul J. Willis
Back Cover

Additional Art Credits:

Page scans by Ned Brooks, adjustments by Shelby Vick

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