ODD #9

Raymond D. Fisher
Richard Elsberry



Cover Chabot Cover Cover
Index Grup Index 2
Leaky Faucet The Drips Editorial 3
Imaginary Interview with an Imaginary Artist Ricardo Humor 5
Cosmic Flame Clavin Marsden Verse 5
Nothing Sirius Richard Elsberry Article 6
Time Was Sandy Sanrnoff
Fish Fry Paul Cox Fiction 11
Temprance on Venus Ed Cox Article 14
Norwescon Ray Nelson Article 22
Test Your Memory Richard Elsberry Quiz 23
Roll Call Rory Faulkner Verse 23
Destruction of the Iron Curtain Ronald Friedman Article 24
Art and Culture Ray Nelson Article 28
Operation Fantast
Ad 29
Ye Fantasty Shop Bob Farnham Ad 30
Insert Insert
Mailing page
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Page scans by Ned Brooks, adjustments by Shelby Vick

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