Steve Kimmel

July 21-23, 1978

Program Book

Front Cover Mark Wallace
Front Cover
Cap One Menu
Ad 2
STARbase Tulsa
Intro 3
American Diabeties Assocation
Ad 3
Gimme An Aitch... Harlan Ellison Article 4
      Removed at the request of the author
Partial Pellucid Prose: Joe Haldeman
Biblio 5
Special Movie Notice
Notice 5
GoH: Pat Killouge
Article 6
Lee Killough
Article 7
Russell Bates
Article 7
Movies ............ and
Schedule 8
........... More Movies
Schecule 9
Schedule 10
      The Convention on the Edge of Never
C. J. Cherryh: Toastmisreress Stephen Kimmel Article 11
R. A. Lafferty
Article 12
Wilson "Bob" Tucker
Article 12
Sol Plus Jackie Bielowicz Ad 13
The Mayo Hotel
Ad 13
Bookworn's Emporium
Ad 14
Star Trek Wolcommittee
Ad 14
Edward's Pen and Gift Shop
Ad 14
Chicago Sub Station
Ad 15
Behnke's Bookservice
Ad 15
Map Back Cover
      Try these downtown eating places

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