Operation Fantast (New Series) 4

Ken Slater

March 1950


cover cover
Contacts Ken Slater Editorial stuff 2
      contacts, colophon, poll result
Titus Groan, an Appreciation M.D. David H. Keller Book Review 3-5
Home John Newman Fiction 6
Thanks Ken Slater
      for zines sent to OF for British distribution
From Fantasy to Fact John Nilson Article 8
General Chunterings Ken Slater
G. Ken Chapman Bookseller adv. adv. 10
Dead World Peter J. Ridley fiction 10
The Homunculus-book review Ken Slater Book Review 11
Recent British Books E. J. Carnell Article 11
Fantasy Films John Allen Article 12
It Makes You Think F. J. Robinson Opinion 13
Fanzines Ken Slater list 14
Ad 15
Magazine Notes Ken Slater Comments 16
Small Advertisements
Ads 16

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