Operation Fantast (New Series) 5

Ken Slater

June 1950


Spaceman in swamp with snake creature B. Abas Cover 1
Conventional Joyce & Ken Slater Editorial 2
Last Straw, The Cedric Walker Am.Fict. 3-7
Last Straw, The FJR illo 3
Star Gazing Cecil A. Harper Article 7-8
Quiet Meditation R. J. Banks Jr. Am.Fict. 9-10
Longevity M. D., David H. Keller Article 10-11
Book Reviews E. J. Carnell Bk.Rev. 11-12
General Chuntering Ken Slater Column 12-13
General Chuntering M illo 12
      Elf in ink bottle
Science Review uncredited (Ken Slater?) Column 13-14
Magazine Notes uncredited (Ken Slater?) Column 15-16

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