Quandry 15

Lee Hoffman

November 1951


cover Lee Hoffmann Cover Cover
      witch on rocket broomstick
Contents and colophon Lee Hoffmann Contents and colophon 1
Chaos Lee Hoffmann Editorial 2
How Dull Was My Weekend Bob Tucker Nolacon report 3-7
Three strangers talk to Bob article reply illo 4
sleeping in the movie room Lee Hoffmann illo 6
Quotations Overheard by Exhausted Ears Lee, ed Hoffmann Quotes 7
the quick and the dead drunk Rich Elsberry Nolacon story 8
Cryptographicorner Lee Hoffmann Puzzle 9
770 Frank Dietz Nolacon story 10-11
Destiny Destiny (fanzine) ad 11
"... But the Eggplant Over There." Bill Morse Nolacon story 12
"A Bird In The Hand ..." Roger Sims Nolacon story 13
International SF Correspondence Club
ad 13
Thanks Robert Briggs ad 14
Rick Sneary Rick Sneary Autobiography 15
Rick Sneary ? line portrait 15
A Critique of Pure Fanzines Bill Veneble Article 16-17
A Rebuttal Russell K. Watkins article reply 18
line ad Sludge ad 19
Pure As Newfallen Slush Max Keasler article reply 20-21
discussion rules Lee Hoffmann
ad Sludge ad 21
Sez You
letters 22
letter Sam Moskowitz Letter 22
letter Bob Tucker Letter 22
letter Manly Banister Letter 23-24
letter Walter A. Willis Letter 24
letter J. T. Oliver Letter 25
letter Pike Pickens Letter 25-26
letter Rich Elsberry Letter 26
letter Es & Les Cole Letter 27
letter Bob Tucker Letter 27
letter Lyell Crane Letter 27
letter Vince Clarke Letter 28
letter Gerry de la Ree Letter 28
eeekk Lee Hoffman end natter 29
Mailer face
post office info 30

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