Quandry 16

Lee Hoffman

December 1951


untitled Lee Hoffman illo Cover
      ghost crying over grave of Box 260
Contents and colophon Lee Hoffmann Contents and colophon 1
untitled Vick illo 1
      puffins eating at the Quandry table
Chaos Lee Hoffmann Editorial 2-3
The Harp That Once Or Twice Walter Willis Column 4-7
The NECON Eric Bentcliffe Con report 7
"Like A Rose" Roger off-fantasy prozine reviews Dard
The Huffin' Puffin Vick illo 10
line ad W. B. Read & Co ad 10
Konner's Korner Wilkie Conner Column 11-12
Aw, Hell Peter Ridley fillo 11
The City In The Sea Wilson Tucker Ad 12
untitled Vick illo 12
Gone But Not Forgotten Bob Tucker Non-fiction story 13-15
untitled Peter Ridley illo 15
      Alien planet?
Fans In Philly Morton D. Paley Philcon 1951 report 16-18
From Der Voodvork Out ... Bob Silverberg Column 19
By Way Of Review Lee Hoffman Book Reviews 20
The Outlander Rick Sneary Ad 21
S. Y.
letters 22-24
Letter Bob Tucker
Letter Lee Jacobs
Letter Riley Joe Snyder
Letter Robert Bloch
      poem style
untitled vick illo 23
      Turkey and puffin
Letter F. T. Laney
Whuffo Lee Hoffman natter 25

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