Quandry 27-28

Lee Hoffman

December 1952


Cover Lee Hoffman cover Cover

The Harp Stateside Walter A. Willis trip report 5
The Ferry Lee Hoffman illo 6
Being met in NY Lee Hoffman illo 9
Arranging for the Bus Lee Hoffman illo 11
Fandom Is Just One Big Happy Family Ray Nelson art 13
From der voodvork out Bob Silverberg article 14
Hey, Bub, Ya Want A Treat Instead Of A Treatment?
art 15
In The Midst Of Chaos Again! Lee Hoffman Editorial 17
This cigaret leaves no unpleasant aftertaste Ray Capella? art 18
Asking Ray Nelson for cartoons
art 19
Korshak at opening ceremonies Lee Hoffman art 21
At the FAPA meeting Lee Hoffman art 22
fillo Ray Capella art 25
fillo Ray Capella art 28
The Hoffman Mark IV
illo 29
Postscript Walter A. Willis
Mailer Lee Hoffman

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