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By Location, United States

Up to Now
Jack Speer US


The Immortal Storm PDF Sam Moskowitz US

1951 168

In the Beginning PDF Rich Lynch US



Before the Bomb
Joe Kennedy US March
reprinted in Sense of FAPA
After the Atom
Joe Kennedy US September
reprinted in Sense of FAPA
Condensed History of D.C. Fandom PDF Rich Lyncg US

2006 2


Don Ford's CFG Meeting Diary 1847 & 1948


Ah! Sweet Idiocy! PDF Francis Towner Laney US

1948 134

History of SF Fandom in DEnver and Colorado PDF Bob Peterson US

1992 4

Little Fandom that Could PDF Bill Patterson US

1982? 138 Arizona fandom, leading up to 1978 Worldcon, Iguanacon
Memoirs of a Superfluous Fan PDF T. Bruce Yerke US

1944 26
Memoirs of a Superfluous Fan, Revised PDF T. Bruce Yerke US February 5 1992 30

By Country

History of Science Fiction and Fandom in Argentina PDF Claudio Omar Noguerol Argentina June
1989 21

History of Australian Fandom 1935-1963 PDF Vol Molesworth Australia

1994 34 from The Mentor
Nineteen Somerset Place PDF John Foyster Australia

1980s? 3

I Guess You Had to Be There - A History of Canadian SF Fandom PDF Garth Spencer Canada

1980s? 55

Dutch and Flemish fandom, 1950s and 1960s PDF Jaap Boekestein Netherlands

2010 8 Date approximate, in English
A short outline of the history of GDR fandom PDF

1990s 5 Excerpted from a paperback written by three East German fans and translated by Thomas Recktenwald -
Berichte aus der Parallelwelt (Reports from the Parallel World), Die Geschichte des Science-Fiction-Fandoms in der DDR (The History of the Science Fiction Fandoms in the GDR)

A History of SF Fandom in New Zealand PDF Nigel Rowe New Zealand

1981 23

The Experiment of Gdansk PDF Krzysztof Papierkowski Poland

1997 5 translated by Aleksandra Marczynska
Rob Hansen UK

British fan history from the 1930s through the 1970s

By Time, 1930s

Phoxphyre PDF Lew Wolkoff US

38 Memoires of the first Worldcon by Milt Rothman, Fred Pohl, Bob Madle, Dave Kyle and others
By Time, 1940s

1948 Fantasy Annual
Redd Boggs / Don Wilson US


By Time, 1950s

By Time, 1960s

Fan History Outline - 1960s
Rich Lynch US

Outline for a work in progress, date approx

By Subject, Awards

Fan Achievement Awards: Some Time Before the Beginning PDF Kim Huett Australia

2021 24

By Subject, Filking

An Egocentric and Convoluted History of Early "Filk" and Filking PDF Lee Gold US March
1997 5 Originally in the ConChord 12 Songbook

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