The pictures which you see reproduced on this page are from the first of a series of calendars we plan to put out over the coming years. Produced by the Little Men and the Rhodomagnetic Digest, this year's calendar is the finest, we feel, to be done in the fantasy field.

You won't want to miss the accuracy and detail of the Faraco drawings; the bold sweep and emotion portrayed by Liz Farmer; the humor implicit in Beetem and Buehl; and the satire by Moore; as well as the other fine artists represented.

These calendars are obtainable from the Garden Library, 2524 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley 4, California. The cost is $0.50 for each calendar, a sum, we might add, which is entirely reasonable if you'd like to frighten your mother-in-law!

Data entry and page scans provided by Judy Bemis

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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