Enclosed find $0.25 in coin: please send me your Rhodomagnetic Digest, the one that has Vaughn Greene Rivers article on the flying saucers: I am very much interested in the flying saucers and am setting up a telescope with camera attachment to try and take some pictures of flying saucers in the vicinity of the moon: Have seen what appears to be flying objects near the moon but will have to wait until I get a more powerful telescope which I hope to have in a few weeks so I can get a closer view. Prof. Adamski of Palomar had an article in July issue of Fate which showed several pictures which he has taken of objects near the moon: This aroused my interest and the second night I looked at the moon through my telescope, by golly there was something flying around the top of the moon: If I can get my pictures I will let you know.

Overland, Mo.

We would certainly be interested in pictures of "something flying around the top of the moon" ; however, a word of caution: as an old amateur astronomer we well know the pitfalls of staring through a telescope until eye-strain sets in!


The Rhodomagnetic Digest is one of my favorite fanzines that I recommend to all of my stf friends. As a rule, Rd has good articles, good art work, good printing, good paper quality, good editorials and good reviews. But for god's sake, why louse up the whole ---- mag by having that so-called fan who goes under the name of Jan Romanoff in it? He's the guy who did your prozine reviews for the July-August issue.

I've been reading stf for four years, and in my judgment, Amazing is one of the top prozines. It's a well known fact that Astounding and Galaxy are adult zines, while Amazing is juvenile. But that doesn't prove that Galaxy and ASF stories are any better than AS. So far as I am concerned, Mr. Romanoff can go jump in the lake. Some fans just love to find fault with prozines. It's a sort of religion to them. If friend Romanoff is so opposed to Amazing and says it's a waste of money, then why the devil did he buy it in the first place? I am willing to bet my next week's pay that he buys the trashy mag every month and reads every word.

North Canton, Ohio

It's interesting to hear what the "other" side has to say, and Mr. Schaffer, definitely not in common with most of the other "FANatics" who read Amazing Stories, shows a degree of insight which "astounds" us. As he has pointed out, the different view points arise from subjective differences in reading enjoyment.


I thought on the whole that the best thing about the July-August Rd was the editorial, in which I include the advertisement for advertisements and the various fillers, especially the picture of the staff at work on page 10. So these stones are the multi lithos you are always talking about. It's interesting to know that this circle of the inferno is the one reserved for fmz editors: I suppose it's supervised by printer's devils. Is the aim of these unfortunates to wear away the stones? Let them not give up hope. The present state of fmz publishing ensures that the number of drips will be better than constant.

I enjoyed Miss Scott's article very much, and especially the revealing Diaphragms and Figures with which she illustrated it. Charming.

Sapiro's article is also on the right lines, though it doesn't go very far along them in this installment. Mr. Moore's Convention Report was rather too conventional for my taste. On the other hand his "original pen study" was the most original pen I have ever seen.

I think you should have all the promags reviewed by the same man. I'm almost sure that if both ASF and GALAXY had been dealt with by the same reviewer there would not have been this (in my opinion) unfair difference in assessment. I haven't seen yet an issue of GALAXY that I didn't think superior to the corresponding ASF.

I like these Cole people and I'm sure I will agree with their opinion on Lost Continent if I ever make the mistake of seeing it. However I think they should have demonstrated their talent for invective rather than revealing their erudition. Would it have been a better film if the Brontosaur (your spelling -- and correct too, I find when I look it up just to make sure it was wrong.) had gone up to its eyelashes in the marsh?

Your reader H.L. Gold is too kind to Amazing. It is perfectly possible to present juvenile science fiction which is good of its kind, cf. Heinlein's novels and some of those in the British mag Authentic. Youth must be served, but not necessarily with bad corn.

Belfast, N. Ireland

We enjoy letters such as yours, Walt. It's nice to know we can inspire someone to take the time and trouble to dissect us, article by article.

As far as reviewing is concerned, we try to get all phases of opinion. We want as many of the Little Men as possible to give us their ideas. (You never can tell, someday we may find a Little Man who likes Amazing Stories!) Thus, while one constant reviewer might reveal a fairly consistent attitude, this would defeat our purpose of presenting objective reviews of prozines.

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Data entry by Judy Bemis

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