The listing which follows is a continuing feature of the Rhodomagnetic Digest. The books mentioned are part of the personal collection of J. Lloyd Eaton, first chairman of the Society. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of fantasy and science fiction in the world. For more information see Volume I, number 2 or 6 of the Digest.

by J. Lloyd Eaton

In case what appears on the following pages looks vaguely familiar to you, we hasten to point out that we are repeating the listings under IN MY OPINION from last issue, largely because we got them mixed up last time.

Stories are rated as follows:

*** Good to excellent.

** Fair to good.

X When included in the rating may be considered an additional * by those who enjoy cerebral stimuli. It may also serve as a warning to those who want an evening of light reading.

* A fantastic, but not good escape reading; for collectors and students only. Read at your own peril!

- Not fantastics; masqueraders, religious, occult, economic treatises, thinly disguised as fantasy; too poorly written even for the collector.

() Not fantastics; marginal.

C Not in the Checklist.

s Short story collections. Total number of stories given, with each fantastic listed and described.

* The Monkey God. Sears; N.Y.; N.D. - The sacred monkeys protect him.

- The Jungle Girl. Allen;

Lon.; '33 - A little of the king elephant again -- not fantastic.

C** The Tiger Girl. Allen; Lon; '34 - His only true fantasy - a fair yogi magic and were-tiger-but why the title of Tiger Girl?

Cauffman, Stanley Hart

** The Witchfinders. Penn; Phila.; '34 - Adventure in Old England.

Celiere, Paul

C- The Startling Exploits of Dr. J.B. Ivies. Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington; Lon.; 1896 - Mild humor, not fantastic.

Cerve, W.S.

** Lemuria, the Lost Continent of the Pacific. Rosicrucians; San Jose, Calif.; '35 - They had a third eye and Calif. is all that remains of the Garden of Eden.

Chadwick, Philip George

*** The Death Guard. Hutchinson; Lon.; N.D. - Sci-fict. Synthetic life and future war.

Chamberlain, Elinor

C- Snare for Witches. Dodd, Mead; N.Y.; '48 - A novel about New England witchcraft scares. Not Fantastic.

Chamberlain, George Agnew

C- White Man. Bobbs-Merill; Indianapolis; '19 - Not Fantastic

Chamberlain, H. R.

** 6000 Tons of Gold. Flord & Vincent; Meadville, Pa.; '19 - What to do?

Chambers, Dana

*** The Last Secret. Dial; N.Y.; '43 - Sci-fict. Just written soon enough. Good problem.

Chambers, Julius

** Missing. A Tale of the Sargasso Sea. Transatlantic; N.Y.; 1896 - Fantastic enough, but poorly written. A questionable "fair."

Chambers, Robert W.

s The King in Yellow. Harper; N.Y.; '02 - Shorts (9)

*** "The Repainter of Reputations." - Horror-future 1920-mad.

*** "The Mask." - Sci-fict. To marble?

*** "The Yellow Sign." - Horror; something alive?

*** "The Demoiselle D'Yo." - Time slips.

Capon, Paul

C** The Other Side of the Sun. Huneman; Lon.; '50 - Sci-fiction; interplanetary.

Cardinal, Jane

*** The Living Idol. Payl; Lon.; N.D. - Lost race thriller; really quite good.

Carew, Henry

** The Vampires of the Andes. Jarrolds; Lon.; '25 - Fantastic adv.; rather metapphysical and not too plausible.

Carey, Joyce

* The African Witch. Morrow; N.Y.; '36 - A novel about effects of Ju-Ju on African culture.

Carfrae, Elizabeth

- The Devil's Jest. G&D - Poor, not fantastic.

Carleton, William

* The Evil Eye; or, The Black Spectre. Excelsior; N.Y.; 1896 - Long Gothic with spectres and banshees.

Carling, John R.

(**) The Viking's Skull. Little, Brown; Bos.; '04 - Fair mystery story of murder and treasure. One passage od clairvoyance. Not a true fantastic.

* The Weird Picture. Little, Brown; Bos.; '03 - Horror

C- The Doomed City. Clode; N.Y.; '10.

* Scatterling and the Aurdlian. - Fantasy.

- The Writer and the Prince.

- Solomon's Seal.


** A True Princess. - Humorous, fantastic idea.

- The Widow's Clock.

* Above Proof.

- Dona Pollona's Corset.

* The Lady Killer. - Ghost.

- A Doll and a Moral.

- A Jay of Italy. Methuen; Lon.; '05 - Not fantastic.

(**) The Lake of Wine. Huneman; Lon.; 1898 - Good Adv.; not fantastic.

- Our Lady of Darkness. Blackwood & Sons; Lon.; 1899 - Not Fantastic.

Cs Loaves and Fishes. Collins; Lon. & Glasgow; N.D. - Shorts (21)

(**) A Gallows Bird. - Quite a villain!

* A Ghost.

* A Ghost-Child.

* The Ghost Luck

* Poor Lucy Rivers. - Ghost writing.

* The Jade Button. - Longevity and luck.

Carr, John Dickens

*** The Burning Court. Harpers; N.Y.; '37 - Witchcraft.

C*** The Devil in Velvet. Harpers; N.Y.; '51 - Devil sends back to 17th century England to solve a murder mystery.

Carr, Robert Spencer

Cs Beyond Infinity. Fantasy Press; Reading; '51 - Novelettes (4).

* Beyond Infinity. - Space Travel; "fountain of youth."

** Morning Star. - Visitor.

** Those Men from Mars. - Change things.

** Mutation. - Better, in the past.

Carrington, Sereward

Cx True Ghost Stories. Ogilvie; N.Y.; '15.

Cx The Invisible World. Rider; Lon.; N.D. - Scientific researches in the psychic phenomena.

Carruth, Hayden

** The Adventures of Jones. Harpers; N.Y.; 1895 - Very "tall tales; e.g. extracting electricity from cats by the "Cat Motor."

Carruthers, Frank

C(**) Terror Island. Chelsea House; N.Y.; '25 - Fair treasure story, not fantastic.

Carter, Nicholas

C** Fighting Against Millions; or, the Detectives in the Jewel Caves of Kurm. Street & Smith; N.Y.; 1893; wraps - Lost race, and the coincidences fall thick and fast.

Carter, Tremlett

*** The People of the Moon. Electrician Pub. and Marshall, Hamilton & Kent; Lon.; N.D. (1890?) - Good adventure sci-fict of races of people in and on the moon.

Case, Josephine Young

* At Midnight on the 31st of March. Houghton, Mifflin; Bos.; '38 - Blank verse fantasy-community suddenly moved out of this time.

Casserly, Gordon

* The Elephant God. Putnam's; N.Y.; '21 - The king elephant is tame and loves him.

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