The Faces of
Science Fiction
Five Yearly

by Jeff Schalles and Geri Sullivan

To view those photos that are available on-line please click on the photo's number.

1. Lee Hoffman & Shelby Vick, Tropicon, 1988 (Geri)
2. Robert Bloch, Dreamhaven Books, 1992 (Jeff)
3. Terry Hughes (seated) & friends, Noreascon I, 1971 (Jeff)
4. Harlan Ellison, DimensionCon, 1984 (Jeff)
5. Andy Hooper, Precursor, 1995 (Geri)
6. Walt Willis, 1952 (Shelby Vick)
7. "Scene: The Blochouse, Time: Summer, 1954, Dramatis Personae: Left to
right, Bloch, Fern Tucker, Jean Grennell, Bob Tucker, The Bottle of
Sour Mash that Howard Lyons swapped Tucker for an orange-crate of old
fanzines. (Latter is empty.)" (Original photo by Dean Grennell from
Chuch Harris's collection, copy by Jeff)
8. Geri at BEDEC collation, 1991 (Jeff)
9. Steve Stiles, 1979 (Jeff)
10. Patrick Nielsen Hayden & Gary Farber, Corflu Nashville, 1996 (Geri)
11. Alexis Gilliland, Dan Steffan, Ken Fletcher, Grant Canfield, William
Rotsler, Moshe Feder, Stu Shiffman, Noreascon II, 1980 (Jeff)
12. Roscoe Honor Roll signers from L. A. con III fan lounge, 1996 (Geri)
13. Hope Liebowitz, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Moshe Feder, Patrick Nielsen
Hayden, Disclave, 1984, New York City skyline, 1986 (Jeff)
14. rich brown, Disclave, 1983 (Jeff)
15. Ross Chamberlain, Corflu Vegas, 1995 (Geri)
16. Fannish tape duplication the hard way, photo shows of Vin¢ Clarke
holding up Oblique House, 1992 (Jeff)
17. Ted White & Jim Frenkel (Alexei Panshin in mirror), Disclave, 1981 (Jeff)
18. Robert Silverberg at the crank of the Magic Mimeograph (first used by
Bob to produce Spaceship; later became LeeH's infamous open drum mimeo),
MagiCon, 1992 (Jeff)
19. Dan Steffan, 1979 (Jeff)
20. Ray Nelson, Frank Lunney, & Robert Lichtman, ConFrancisco, 1993 (Jeff)
21. Terry Hughes, Noreascon Two, 1980 (Jeff)
22. Gary Farber, Ted White, Moshe Feder, Andy Porter, party at Bill &
Mary Burns's, 1986 (Jeff)
23. Jeff at the Hennepin Paper Mill: where Fibertone comes from, 1995 (Geri)
24. Geri in the Toad Hall Champion Mimeo Center & Frog Preserve, 1991 (Jeff)
25. Jeff printing the cover of SFFY #9, 1991 (Geri)
26. Andy Hooper heads for home, Tom Whitmore, Precursor, 1995 (Geri)
27. Stu Shiffman, Corflu Vegas, 1995 (Geri)
28. Ken Fletcher helping with BEDEC printing, 1991 (Jeff)
29. Umpire Dan Steffan wearing the Burbee shirt, Precursor, 1995 (Geri)
30. Walter Willis en route to The White House, 1995 (Geri)
31. Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Corflu Nashville, 1996 (Geri)
32. Chuch Harris and his mom, Daventry, 1989 (Sue Harris)
33. Jeff, Sleepy Hollow Studio, Dobbs Ferry, NY, 1988 (Jeff)
34. Harlan Ellison & Poul Anderson, Midwescon, circa 1956 (unknown)

Data entry by Judy Bemis
Hard copy provided by Geri Sullivan

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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