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Several of the outstanding fannish writers commissioned to contribute to this issue of SFFY actually got their manuscripts in on or before the deadline. Impressed by such diligence and devotion to duty, yed obtained the services of the reknown fan-artist, Steve Stiles, to render portraits of these noteworthies onto stencil. Hence, we take pride in introducing some of ...

. . . OUR


Outside of fandom, Dean A. Grennell is undoubtedly best known to weilders of firearms. His early brilliant successes as a "7th Fandomite", handloader, prolific and prolix fanzine writer and publisher, and furnace salesman, have been overshadowed of late by his almost complete disappearance into the Old Elephant's Graveyard.

Long a resident of Wisconsin, Mr. Grennell recently fled that state to take refuge in California. He has brightened this issue of SFFY with an extensive explanation of this action.

Further, he is responsible for most of the photographs which Mr. Stiles used in preparation of this article.

Along with his fame as a gunman, fan, and photographer, Mr. Grennell has achieved some distinction in the field of fatherhood.


Bloch is superb! Indeed, who has not heard the voices of the mobs in the streets crying merrily, "Pickle Bloch for Posterity!" and other things. Long famed in fandom, Mr. Bloch skyrocketed to prominence in the mundane when his autobiographical novel, PSYCHO, was made into a hit motion picture.

Like Mr. Grennell, with whom he has been frequently associated, Mr. Bkoch has removed himself from the state of Wisconsin to take up residence in California where, we are told, he perches omniously on a mountain craig.

Mr. Bloch has the distinction of being the only person, aside from yed, who has had material in every issue of this sterling publication. Further, he has been exposed at length in the last issue, as well as other places too sordid to mention. However, it might not be amiss to point out that, contrary to rumor Mr. Bloch is not a figment of Bob Tucker's imagination.


Few people are aware that the man known in fandom as Bob Tucker is in actuality Arthur Wilson Tucker, the noted motion picture projectionist and stage hand. However, Mr. Tucker, who hasd made the numerals 260, 702 and others, as well as the ten of clubs, household words, is undoubtedly best known within fandom for his publication, THE PLANETOID, and for his use of titles for fanzine articles containing as many as twenty-one words. There is no truth to the rumor that Bob Tucker is actually a figment of Mr. Bloch's imagination. However, his strength is as the strength of ten because his heart is pure.


Ted White, the kindly and beloved Father Barbour of Fandom, is currently host to the biweekly meetings of the Fanoclasts, co-chairman of the forthcoming NYCON 3, active participant in FISTFA, and host to the biweekly meetings of the Writers' Group (a mutual appreciation society), as well as most active of the new wave of aspiring professional authors associated with the Fanoclast group.

Known as the man who ruined fandom, as a jazz critic, as an authority on comic books, and sundry other things, he is presently famed as supplier of kittens to fans from New York and environs.

In many fannish circles he is no doubt best known for his lovely wife, Robin.


Calvin Aaargh is noted in scholarly circles for the fact that he, personally and directly, was responsible for "7th Fandom" as well as for his works on archaeological subjects. During his youth, in interludes between excursions to West Cupcake, Mr. Aaargh studied architecture of the neo-Egyptian Revival on Montgomery Street.

He is also a serious student of the haberacker situation and can discourse at length on the relationship of the rosenbloom to that dread species, although he seldom does.

A resident of New York, Mr. Aaargh may be encountered on occasion in Central Park; however, he may more frequently not be encountered there.


Nalrah Nosille (formerly Max J. Runnerbean) has been called fandom's foremost chambered nautilus. Recently, Mr. Nosille reached a pinnacle of achievement in the winning of a Hugo for his outstanding short story, REPENT HARLAN SAID THE JELLYBEAN (formerly REPENT MAX SAID THE RUNNERBEAN).

Like so many of our contributors, Mr. Nosille at present resides in California. Unlike most of our contributors, he can count among his many literary achievements such works as DEMON WITH A GLASS BIRDBATH and the outstanding volume, MEMOS FROM SHAKER HEIGHTS.


Boyd Raeburn, the well-known (at one time) Canadian fan and gourmet, has the unique distinction of being the only fan who, when asked to contribute to this issue of SFFY, replied with an outright refusal.

Data entry by Judy Bemis
Hard copy provided by Geri Sullivan

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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