Space Diversions #6 (Vol 2 #3)

Norman L. Shorrock

April-May 1953


Cover D. MacKay Art Cover
contents Norman Shorrock
spaceship D. MacKay art 1
Musing...Muse-ing...Mewsing John Roles fanzine reviews 2
Science Fiction Personalities F. G. Rayer autobiography and commentary 4
"Takes Three to Botch a Fanzine" David Gardner article 7
Making the fanzine D. MacKay art 9
Futuristic Plausability, Please! Stanley Nuttall article 12
Poll Results (Part 2) Norman Shorrock
By Ghu! Frank Milnes article 14

Nebula D. MacKay art 15
Book Reviews David Gardner
      Islands In the Sky and Prelude to Space
Round Robin part 6 Stanley Nuttall fiction 18
The Inner Philosophy of SF Conventions Walter A. Willis article 20
Random Quotes Norman Shorrock excerpted lettercolumn 21
Here and There David Gardner column 23
Index to Vol.2 Norman Shorrock index 25
Liverpool SF Society Logo
art Back Cover

Page scans provided by Judy Bemis

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