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Like last issue, this month's was delayed a bit by the Christmas rush. Specifically, the non-arrival of a mail-order shipment of supplies, causing this WARP to languish for two weeks, half-run. At that it's not as far off schedule as last year's JanWARP!

Looking two months ahead rather than the usual one. March brings us SPACEWARP's Third AnnIsh. It won't be as big as last month's was, but there are going to be some extra-choice contents packed into it. A few minor improvements in format, too. It will be the first ish for which I've deliberately tried to get an all-star lineup and better material, rather than leaving it to telepathy and the postman to bring in the proper manuscripts by deadline time.

It will also mark the first issue in which the new editorial policy has full sway.

Speaking of editorial policies, what do you think of the third ish of OTHER WORLDS? Personally, I was pretty skeptical when Palmer announced at Cincy that OW would eventually be liked not only by the herd of non-actifan readers, but also by the fans. But durned if he isn't making good on the promise!

I got the #3 OW and the March STARTLING at the same time, and read 'em one after the other. The stories were about equally interesting (which is saying a good deal for OW, seeing as SS and TWS are about the highest-rated pros except for aSF), and the lettercolumn in Palmer's mag had Merwin's small-print pages beat from every angle.

Then, too, there is the matter of cover art ...

Haven't heard the results of the NFFF elections yet, but I notice a bit of muttering in the fanpress because there was only one candidate for President, seven for the Directors' posts, and no write-in votes were permitted. Interpreting this as an attempt to restrict the field is laughable, inasmuch as any NFFF member has had six months or more to file a candidacy, and the Activity Party was formed with the avowed purpose of stirring up more interest in the election ... i.e., to make more fen file for office.

Is it likely that anyone who couldn't decide whether or not he wished to run in six months, or who is so absent-minded he forgot to announce his candidacy in that time, has the ability to do a good job in the administration of NFFF if elected?

Speaking of fan organizations, once again I'll point out that a couple of vacancies exist on the roster of SAPS -- I'm more concerned than before with trying to fill 'em, since I'm at present the Official Editor of that organization, by emergency appointment. For a mere 35¢ in dues you become a member of SAP for 6 months -- that is, receive two mailings which usually run well over 100 pages each. During the six-month period, the minimum activity required of you is the publication of 33 copies of a 4-page fanzine. You don't even need duplicating equipment: several fen will run off your copy for small fees. You might drop a line to Walter A Coslet, P. O. Box 6, Helena, Montana to get his prices for ditto work. Write me for prices on mimeo work.

I don't suppose my views are entirely objective on the question, but I feel that you get as much more out of fandom by membership in one of the amateur press groups, as someone who reads or publishes fanzines does compared to one who merely reads the prozines.

In the Spectator Amateur Press Society, incidently, you'll find such regular WARP contributors as Redd Boggs, Ed Cox, Ray Nelson, Les Fried, Wrai Ballard, Bill Venable, Ben Singer, Hal Shapiro. Not to mention such other well-known fen as Rick Sneary, John Grossman, Bill Kroll, Al Toth, Charles Henderson ((hmmm, he's a WARP contributor, too.)) Ray Higgs, and many others. In fact, anyone who has read a few WARPs should feel right at home among the SAPS!

Drop me a postcard for more details -- altho there are not many more than I covered a couple paragrafs back.

If you've got a wire-recorder, you might be interested in the new fanclub being organized by Shelby Vick, Box 493, Lynn Haven, Florida. Sort of a round-robin letter recorded on wire. If you write him, incidently, mention SPACEWARP. Mebbe he'll subscribe.

Fanzine publishers, you might add F. Towner Laney, 816 Westboro Ave., Alhambra, California, to your exchange lists. He's interested in fanzines from the amateur journalism, rather than the stf angle, but that doesn't make his zines any the less interesting.

Fanzines have been coming in by the dozens since Christmas (and since I've stencilled the fanzine review elsewhere in this ish) and I will undoubtedly have a full page of 'em to review by next month. So cease your wailing if your zine isn't listed this time.

Incidental to the subject of fanzines -- POSTWARP, the letterzine for NFFF Members only, is well under way, with its fourth monthly ish due for completion within the next two or three days. If you are an N3F member, you're passing up plenty of interesting arguments by not subscribing.

On the local scene, the Michigan Science-Fantasy Society has disbanded. The mentally adult fen of the Detroit area are in process of forming a Detroit club, which should not be regarded as the old MSFS with a new name. Give 'em a fair chance to show what they can do.

Warning to all fans, especially those in the New York area: John York of your city is suspected of being Claude Degler, who was run out of fandom about five years ago (the only time this drastic step was ever taken), for actions detrimental to organized fandom. Find out about the lurid history of Deglerism from anyone who has been in fandom several years -- and don't get yourself involved with him.

Back to the local scene again: There are three fans in Saginaw. Although we decided on the breakup of the MSFS that it wasn't worth the trouble to organize a local club, we meet once a week or so (time of meeting decided by telepathic conference, actually!). One, Ralph Fluette, 510 S. Washington, is a bookdealer. This is one dealer I can unhesitatingly recommend -- his prices couldn't be much lower! Suggest you send Ralph your want-list. Who knows, maybe it'll help me persuade him to advertise in SPACEWARP!

Oh tsk, this is the eighth stencil I've cut this evening, and at last winds up this ish. Now if I can get 'em run off before getting so sleepy I can't see straight, maybe WARP will get into the mails by tomorrow (7 January).

At least, I hope so.


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